I just made some changes to the bookmarks in my browser toolbar.  My surfing pleasure habits have changed enough, I thought it was time to stop having to make four clicks to get to my current favorite sites.

So Pioneer Woman, among several others, was demoted to a bookmark folder.  The thesaurus remains as one of my most frequented sites.  I love words.  And use them frequently.  Two new blogs have proved themselves worthy of my daily devotion…Baking Bites to make me hungry and Nesting Place for some sunshine and dreaming.

I’d like you to notice that Nesting Place does not have it’s own domain name, but is a basic blogspot address.

Which leads to my next announcement:

Despite my mom offering to send $15 to pay for another year of my own domain (thanks, Mom!), I’ve decided to let go of my very own address.  (I told my mom to save that money so we can splurge on pupusas when she’s here in June…yum.)

Starting January 31, you will have to change your bookmarks for my blog to:

You can actually do it now and save yourself trouble…but just in case any of you are procrastinators like myself in these matters, I’ll remind you on January 31.

And about all that other stuff, I’ve decided to just continue on as usual.  I’m happy, you’re happy (and thanks for telling me that you’re happy, you encourage me to keep on keeping on)…why mess with a good thing?

I will, however, try to focus each post a little more, give you a few more pictures, and not talk TOO much on one day.  “Try” being the operative word.

And as for the few of you that suggested that I write a book someday, I’d really like to!  And, don’t laugh, I’m going to confess something–I’ve actually tried to.  Several times.  So I can say with assurance that when I do write a book, it will not have a plot and it will not have lots of conversation.  Because apparently I’m not good at plots or conversation.

There’s also that tendency and temptation to make everything autobiographical.  Which is fine if you’re writing an autobiography, but…

So now I’m thinking of something more along the lines of Robert Fulghum (he’s the one who wrote “All I need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.  Chapter ‘essays’ on topics loosely related.  🙂  That could be fun…


One thought on “Bookmarks

  1. Just don’t do my trick of writing my books in my head during the night keeping myself awake for hours. If I could just hook up a machine to my brain! It is a definite sleep killer!

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