Tre Pastori di Amore

The perks (or hazards) of being the pastor for the social committee.


You get drafted into doing things like posing for pictures.  (Resident pastor on the right).

tre-pastori-di-amore-poster-portrait1And singing sappy love songs for a crowd of adoring parishioners.  So many parishioners, in fact, that the dinner has been sold out for days.  People who didn’t get tickets are miffed.

Some people are expecting 100%, real singing, a la Pavarotti and the Three Tenors.  This is freaking Sam out.  (Pastor on the left).  He’s hoping for 95% comedy, 5% singing.  The social committee is requesting 50% singing, 50% comedy.

Any way it turns out, I’m really hoping that they attempt Volare…


3 thoughts on “Tre Pastori di Amore

  1. Can’t wait! Actually, Austin was the one that really wanted to go and we thought that was pretty cool! After all the advertisements, we also wanted to go and got that money in the office pretty quickly.

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