Happy Birthday to … Me!

On my 28th Birthday, I hereby set down 28 things I want to or plan to do during my 28th year.

1. Have a baby.  Naturally, at home, in water.  In April.

2. Go on more dates with my husband this year than in the last four years combined.

3. Acquire House Beautiful’s, The Home Book and bedside tables and lamps.

4. Put all my printed photos into albums.

5.  Finish my wedding photo albums.  Maybe.

6. Potty train Amelie.

7.  Bake Oatmeal Streusel Cookies.

8.  Meet financial goals.

9.  Prepare for and enjoy a visit from my Mom, my sister, and my grandparents.  In June.

10.  Prepare for and enjoy a visit from Devo’s Mom and Dad (and hopefully a brother or two).  In June and July.

11.  Have one children’s choir session and concert.

12.  Go on a 12 week sabbatical to Guam.  October, November, and December.

13.  Spend my 7th Anniversary in the hotel where we spent our wedding night.

14.  Start homeschooling Lia.

15.  Begin Montessori activities with Amelie.

16.  Learn new music.  Which means…practice.

17.  Buy a house.

18.  Learn to watch my children 100% of the time.

19.  Take more (and better) photos of my children.

20.  Begin doing yoga at home.  At least a little.

21.  Learn to quickly and accurately discern my children’s little hearts.

22.  Make a new friend.

23. Listen more carefully and compassionately to other people.

24.  Become less cynical about…church.

25.  Live joyfully.

26.  Redeem housekeeping, in theory and in practice.

27.  Find new dreams.

28.  And last, but not least, Less of me, more of Him.

Well, that doesn’t seem quite as profound an exercise as I was intending it to be, but it will be interesting to come back and read it next year.

Thank you everyone (especially everyone on Facebook, wowee, it’s like the whole world) for your good wishes.  Yes, I had a good birthday!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to … Me!

  1. Wowie!! That’s a lot of accomplish in one year, with a new baby. 🙂 But I’m sure with these goals written down, they will be easier to achieve. Well, at least you’ll remember them…

  2. Wow – a 12 week sabbatical! Good thing you have internet…that way perhaps I will survive it. 🙂 And it looks like you decided on homeschooling? Forever or for now? And the e-mail ball I think is in your court…but I could be wrong…it happens a lot these days. That whole no sleep thing. Ick.

  3. I’ll take care of Number 13. Will I get to keep George over night? Sorry Lia, Noah!

    Don’t let housekeeping take too much of your energy. It can be full time if allowed. Children come before dust bunnies!!

    Great list!

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