Chair Rescue

On my weekly pilgrimage to our Community Services Outpost (read: junque shop), I would always wistfully stop by this chair.  It looked so lonely sitting there all broken and forlorn.  But what was I to do?  It was unfixable.

before chair

And then I was browsing  Today’s Creative Blog with it’s pictures from Monkey Giggles and I was inspired and empowered.  So I rescued the chair (for $5) and brought it home for some TLC.

Painting is highly over-rated, I’ve discovered.  I keep reading “and then I painted it”, and they make it sound so easy.  I’m thinking that next time I should use spray paint.  That would be easier, don’t you think?

after chair

There, isn’t it pretty?  I remade the seat using a pink and white striped sheet I had picked up years ago at Ross.  I cut and sewed it into two inch strips and wove them to make the seat cover.

Now it resides in the girls room, and they love to play on it.  Climb on it.  And occasionally sit on it.  They even dragged it out to the living room to show Auntie Karen during my midwife appointment this morning.


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