Wedding Albums…HELP!

I’ve almost finished #4 of my 28 fundamental resolutions.  I bought two more albums on sale at Michael’s today, and that should just about do it.  I hope.

But now I’m looking forward to #5…wedding albums.  I do think that it is time to finish them up…six years is a good time.  After all, I can’t move on to making albums of Life With Children until I get the wedding finished.

A few years ago I bought three albums (intending to cover them with material that I like, being that I can’t find any pre-made white albums that I like) and began stuffing.  I bought three albums, because our wedding experience was so much more than just the day of the wedding.  It was the typhoon and all that went along with that, and then the wedding, and the honeymoon, Christmas, and post-wedding family shindigs.

But now I’ve run into a quandry.  Being that we got married at the beginning of the digital camera age, there is a large mixture of digital photos and prints.  From a number of different cameras.   Apparently I started stuffing the albums in chronological order, leaving empty places for digital photos that needed to be printed.  And empty places in case rolls of film turned up later…which they did, I’m proud to say.

So what do I do?

Do I mix up all the different rolls and do it in chronological order?

Or do I put them in roll by roll?

Do I make one album of just the very best pictures, separately? (There are no professional shots…all are candids from individual cameras).

If several rolls have pictures of the same poses, do I try and choose only the best one or put them all in?  (I must admit that I lean towards putting them all in).

And what about the fact that about four rolls are in black and white?  If I put them in chronological order, will it seem weird to have black/white and color photos on the same page?

H-h-h-help, s-s-s-ombody, p-p-please.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Albums…HELP!

  1. I vote for choosing the best pictures, whether they be black/white, film, or digital and creating a collage of the best of the best in one album. No need to keep all the weird angles and funny expressions…:)

  2. I say have one “professional” album with your favorites and the best story pics. Then have all the pics chronologically all together regardless of color or black and white or how many poses. Bet ya, the one you look at the most will be the second, but you’ll have the other to show when you’re telling the story. Some of my favorite pics of our wedding are the collected pics that have “character.” Of course, in my opinion, you wouldn’t be able to see the “character” nearly as clearly as when they are put next to the posed shots.

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