Day 2 of the Switcharoo (hey, that rhymes!)

I think I took a page from Laura’s predicament.  Went for that walk yesterday and then went for another walk on the same day.  So today I have lower back pain.  Which makes hefting children in and out of grocery carts on grocery day painful.  But hopefully yoga got out out the worst of the kinks.

So we tried an after-lunch rest today.  30 minutes of them laying on pillows in the living room while I dozed on the couch.  It went pretty well for the first day.

I’ve come up with a solution for the late-afternoon slump (that doesn’t involve walking or driving): do a Mommy-oriented project together.  We tried making Valentine’s, but it wasn’t quite the fun experience all the previous practices had been.  Somehow, we all do better if that time of day is Mommy-driven, not child-driven.  So today we made granola and began preparing batches for future baking.  And it did the trick nicely.  I’m sure the licks of brown sugar helped to increase the general energy level.


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