Happy ValenTIMES Day!

It’s amazing what a nap does for general morale.  Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day (or “ValenTIMES Day”, as it is called in our house) by taking a family nap. And now we have a cozy fire, which we enjoyed while watching “Happy Feet” and eating our cherry jello jiggler hearts.

Last night was the last youth small groups at our house for awhile.  I’m still up for it (mostly), but it dawned on us a few weeks ago that we would probably appreciate not having it here with the advent and adjustment of New Baby.  And Devo wants the new program to be settled so he can take off a week or two with a clear conscience when the baby is born.

I’m going to miss the half hour of puttering in the girls room while I put them to sleep on Friday nights.  Last week I sorted baby boy clothes.  Last night I got down the containers of baby toys, misc. sized diapers, slings, burp cloths, etc, and sorted and re-stored.  Sounds like a funny thing to do on Sabbath, but I wanted to do it and it was relaxing, so I did it.  Now the only thing left to figure out is how to store the shoes that are waiting for someone to grow into.  I’m thinking of adult-sized shoe boxes and put a size or two in each.

I made homemade cornbread for the first time tonight.  I used Grandma’s recipe from Betty Crocker.  Next time, less salt, more sugar.

Ran out of sponges when I tossed the smelly one last night.  I thought there were more under the sink.  I do have a costco coupon for more sponges, but I’ve been wondering if there is a more frugal and more environmentally friendly alternative to scotch-brite.  I’ve been using a dishcloth today, but am unimpressed.  Perhaps if I cut it into quarters it wouldn’t feel so bulky.

When contemplating sponges today, I actually thought of calling my Grandma and asking her what people used before there were sponges.  Which seems like a really silly question.  But I don’t actually know!  Rags?  Crocheted squares?  And what did they use to scrub the hard stuff?

At my last appointment with Karen, our midwife, I asked her to give her opinion on the baby’s position.  She checks every time (not like the doctor appointments!), but I had been feeling mostly arms and legs–no long smooth back, no bumpy bottom–and was a little concerned that the baby was turned posterior.  (Posterior babies – or ‘sunnyside up’ babies – make for lots of back labor).  She checked and, yup, sure enough, he was posterior.  Of course, I said to her, he still moves alot.  The hiccups move from side to side in the course of a day (and night).

Five minutes later she felt him again when measuring my tummy, and surprise!, he had turned anterior.  So apparently he is still moving around alot and deciding which way he wants to turn.  I am most interested in him choosing to be anterior, so I’ve been trying to encourage him.  Which means that I sit forwards (no slouching back on the couch!), sleep on my side, do pelvic tilts, and keep my tummy warm.

I really hope it works.


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