Small House or Big House?

We went house hunting with Ivette again yesterday.  If any of you in the area need a realtor, let me give you the gift of connecting you with Ivette.  She’s really great…

We looked at two houses in particular, polar opposites.  The first house was only a street away, a regular 3 bed 2 bath track house.  In fact, Devo had been in it when it was a bachelor pad for his buddies several years ago.  Investors have done some serious work in it since.  Beautiful light fixtures, nice floors, good choice in wall color, etc.  The only thing they didn’t really spruce up was the ‘fourth room’ that takes up half of the garage.

It was the first small house I thought that I could actually live in contentedly.  The rooms weren’t the small cubes we’ve been seeing alot of.  I think you can actually fit a bed AND a dresser in them.  The master bedroom would fit our king sized bed.  The bathrooms were spacious (particularly for a track house) and nicely done.

The living room was off the kitchen, both on the back of the house, sunny, suited to my ideal ‘family room’.  The whole house seems to have the contradiction of being spacious but cozy.

And the backyard was a decent size.

Then we went to a house near our old house (10 minutes away).  Over 2,000 square feet on almost half an acre.

This was the first house Lia wanted to buy.

Because when we went into the backyard, there were chickens wandering through, two horses and a dog frolicking on the other side of the fence,  and most importantly…a tree house and a swing.

There is also a dilapidated spa, an outdoor fireplace, a two room barn/outdoor room construction, two chicken coops, several fruit trees, a jillion pepper trees, a miniature train track, a real size train track with an edifice that looks like a mine entrance, and lots and lots of space and nooks and crannies for running and hiding and exploring.  The little girls looked like they were on their first trip to Disneyland.  But without having to hold anyone’s hand.

The inside is very light and spacious.  The orange tile with diamond shapes is horrific.  Especially when paired with the pink carpet in the formal living room.  The kitchen is nice…but you can only see partially into the living rooms.  All four bedrooms are upstairs, spacious, nice, need a little paint.

I discovered that I don’t feel comfortable in houses with large windows on the second story.  I have too many climbers in my house to feel comfortable which such inviting leaping stations.

So, two houses, exactly opposite, and we liked both of them.  Although we’re still overwhelmed by the big one.

Which would you choose for your family?  Which would you choose for our family?

My favorite is still the one we have our offer on…it’s waiting for the bank and the realtor and the yada yada yada yada.

It’s funny how such extensive house hunting solidifies our image of what we want in a house.  Actually it solidifies the principles.  Here is my A-list of criteria:

Four bedrooms.

Two bathrooms.

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.

Open kitchen to living area.

Yard space.

Garden space.

General friendliness.



5 thoughts on “Small House or Big House?

  1. Thank you for the compliment on my Sister! She loves what she does and genuinely cares for her clients. She really does want the best house for each particular client. Anyways, I totally understand your point. Both nice houses and opposites too. I would say that you pick the one that you feel the most comfortable in. We are still praying for the “other one”.

  2. I vote for the big one. Because you seem to gravitate towards yellow interiors. And the outside sounds absolutely fabulous for your growing family.

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