The Time Has Come

How do you like the new spring look?  It is also a new baby boy look in honor of the approaching advent.

It’s about time for something new and updated for my blog.  I didn’t really want to move to a two column template, but now that I have, I’m glad I did!

We’re off to the youth retreat tomorrow.  This year it looks like it will be warm enough that I won’t spend the weekend with numb legs and chattering teeth and forty nine sweaters.  Devo’s been working like a … dog … to get ready.  Every year and with the more children we have, the less I am involved in such preparations.  Blessings on that veteran youth pastor’s wife I met three or four years ago who said that my job on events like these are to take care of my family.  Not run around being the (unpaid) industrious youth worker and letting my family run amuck.  She was very wise.

We reach the big developmental milestone of 32 weeks tomorrow.  HOORAY!  Baby still hasn’t decided which way he wants to turn.  Gave me a fright the other night by turning all the way around while I had my hands on my stomach.  A smooth 180.  Now he’s running out of room.  He’s spent part of this week bewildered with his lack of stretching space.  But now he’s resigned himself and movements are dwindling down to wriggles.

When he’s laying on his side, I can feel his hard little head, his shoulder and arm, his body and back, and his round little bottom (which is encroaching on my ribs…I think we have another long baby here), and around to the thigh and leg.  I don’t know if I’m just more experienced this time or if things are just lying differently, but it’s really cool.

I was looking at pictures of preemies born at 32 weeks the other night and I couldn’t believe HOW BIG they are!  Devo and I both agreed that we can’t believe that there is a baby that size in my belly.  But there is.  And I’m glad.


3 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. This new look is really pretty! 🙂 Nicely done. I like the colors. Wow, you are only a couple months away from a baby boy! I’m getting excited for you!

  2. Love the new look! I”m looking forward to hearing all the great things God accomplished through you and Devo this weekend. What a great weekend you have planned.
    Keep on making good plans and visualizing good things. This will be the greatest experience yet.
    Can’t wait until that new boy decides to show his face to us. Hearing that voice was just as thrilling as the first.

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