Youth Winter Retreat – Year 5


We’re back from the Winter Youth Retreat.  We had snow on the ground to make it feel like winter, but the air was warm enough to wear sweaters…very little bundling, for which I was grateful.

I only took a few pictures (and they are all of my children), so I’m eagerly awaiting the “official photographer’s” CD with the true documentation of the weekend’s fun.  Everything went absolutely swimmingly.  From my (rather detached, admittedly) perspective, it was the smoothest retreat yet.  Which means that the kids (both my personal ones, and the youth) were really good.  And it didn’t turn out to be record-breakingly cold weather.


The theme this year was “Reel Faith”.  Pastor Sam used video clips to draw spiritual lessons.  And the big Saturday night shindig was the “Snowdance Film Festival”.  Viewing and awarding films made by the kids.  It was really awesome.  The room was set up like a theater, complete with a red carpet, stanchions, popcorn and candy, large-sized oscar-like statues, and a gigantic screen.  It was a blast.

Devo’s going to put up the videos on youtube sometime this week, so I’ll post a few of my favorites.

But for now, I’m off to participate in a family nap on this, our part-day of R&R.  The parents are very tired, so the children must be, too.


2 thoughts on “Youth Winter Retreat – Year 5

  1. So glad that all went well. Praise God! Awesome job Devo and team for putting this on. I can’t believe that it’s the 5th one already. Wow!

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