Baby Clothes

Tonight the girls and I went baby shopping.  I’m determined that this time I will be prepared for whatever size of baby I have.

When Lia was born (6 pounds, 14 ounces), we put her in the newborn sized jammies I had set out…and she almost fell out of them, they were so big.  My mom went out and bought several preemie outfits and preemie diapers to tide us over the next two weeks until she grew into newborn size.

So when Amelie was coming, I bought another preemie outfit or two to replace the stained ones from Lia.  I wasn’t going to be caught out like the last time.  So in the birth supplies, I put preemie diapers and a preemie outfit for the baby’s first clothes.

Only to have Amelie be a chunky moose (8 pounds, 4 ounces).  We squeezed her into that first preemie outfit, but that was the first and last of preemie for her.

So this time I’m going to put preemie AND newborn clothes in the box of birthing supplies.  That should cover it.

But I didn’t have any non-pink preemie clothes…hence the shopping.

I’ve been putting off baby shopping…partly because I keep hoping to acquire clothes from generous friends, and partly as a incentive for good behavior on my part.  🙂  Haha.

So I’ve been a good girl.  And I read today a book that recommends “retail therapy” as a diversion during the last few weeks.  Not that I espouse the concept of retail therapy, but since I’d already decided that it was finally time to go shopping, I used it as further affirmation.  Haha.

It’s so NICE to do baby shopping…even if it’s just a little.  It’s like an exercise in anticipation.  It says, “Hey, the baby will actually be born sometime!”

So we got the cutest little jammie/outfit set, and two pacifiers.

While in Babies R Us and warding off under-stimulated employees, I briefly contemplated making a registry.  But can you really register for three things?  There is not a lot that I need…other than clothes, particularly 0-6 months.

I need a blanket or two.  There is one blanket that I specifically want…it’s the blue version of our favorite warm pink blanket.  And one polar fleece for swaddling.

I need a bottle or two.

And probably more pacifiers as time goes by.

A couple of non-pink bibs.

But that’s about it.  I’m sure that we can all live with the purple changing pad cover (I wouldn’t want to store it just to use another color).  But pretty much all of the basics (stroller, carseat, slings, towels, washcloths, etc.) are gender neutral.

So, no registry.


7 thoughts on “Baby Clothes

  1. Please don’t buy bibs, I have tons you to share with your baby boy. I agree with you, shopping is an exercise in anticipation and it is very necessary. 🙂

  2. I’ll send the quillo immediately. Last week your mom and sister packed and mailed 2 boxes. Lots of new baby clothes in various sizes.

  3. I am in full agreement — even though I’m having another boy, a lot of the 0-6 month clothes Peter wore are stained and not really special. I love the idea of getting new little outfits for the new baby. Makes the love flow. Glad you were able to get some shopping in and hope you’ll be overflowing with cute boy clothes soon!

  4. We had to go buy clothes too! I didn’t realize I had so many 0-3 month outfits and only 1 NB…I was afraid he wouldn’t be small enough! Thanks to some shopping this past week he now has clothes that fit AND match…he looked a little pitiful for a day!

  5. Guess I should have told you – we mailed a box of baby clothes Monday. Premie and newborn. Hope this helps!!

  6. I still have baby clothes for first 3 months that I’m mailing plus some 3 to 6 month size that I planned to bring with us.

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