Baby Name Poll #2

The results are in from Baby Name Poll #1…

Tristan had the most votes with 18.  However, I’m pretty certain that someone (who shall remain nameless) voted a number of times for this, their favorite name.

Levi followed with 11.  This happens to be the name both Devo and I voted for.

Noah with 10.  Lia’s personal vote.

Jonathan – 9

Ethan and Seth – 8

Alexander – 5

Elijah, Josiah, Adan -4

Jedidiah and Jordan – 3

Isaiah, Nathan, Jonah – 2

Jeremiah – 1

Malachi – a whopping 0

So now we’re on to round 2.

Tristan got nixed because it means “sad”.  Which is too bad, because it’s such a nice sounding name.

Alexander got much attention as the best middle name (after all, what doesn’t go with Alexander?).  But after some reflection, we turned our backs on Alexander because it means “defender of mankind” (coming right out of history).  Way too many warlike overtones for us pacifists.

Devo still likes Jono.  But I can’t see myself bonding with a being named Jono.  Maybe if it was a mischievious 9 year old boy…but not a small, sweet infant.

So we were left with our favorites, Levi, Noah, and Nathan.  Was Nathan even on Poll #1?  But I’m really not getting a vibe from Devo that he really and truly likes Nathan, so I’ve whittled it down to Levi and Noah for first names.  In the running for middle names are Seth, Jonathan, Nathan, Josiah, and now…just added in the last few days, Aaron.

I’ve also put Judah down on the unofficial list.  Because I can.

First, some name meanings:

Levi – united, combined (I like this for our sake…don’t know that he would appreciate the meaning I attach to it when he’s a teenager…hahaha).

Noah – rest, comfort

Seth – appointed (now, isn’t that nice?)

Jonathan – God has given

Aaron – mountain of strength

Nathan – giver

Josiah – God supports

And, the combos for you to vote on…

Please keep in mind that we have a very long, consonant filled Germanic last name. Yet another reason to scorn Alexander.

Levi Seth – united, appointed

Levi Jonathan – united, God has given

Levi Aaron – united, mountain of strength

Noah Nathan – rest, giver (I like this, rest giver).

Noah Josiah – rest, God supports (I like this, too…God supports rest!)

Noah Aaron – rest, mountain of strength (maybe we’d choose to say instead, comfort and mountain of strength…that’s a nice combo)

You can vote here OR in the sidebar… (if I can get it to work…internet is really slow and wordpress is spazzing…)


5 thoughts on “Baby Name Poll #2

  1. I like Cooper…where is Cooper…you must have just overlooked that one! Noah Cooper…that’s what I vote 🙂

  2. I voted for Levi Aaron and Mom wants to vote for Noah Josiah…but I think that your page won’t let me re-vote! So you will have to hand-count that ballot I suppose. 🙂

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