Busy and Unusual Weekend

Busy times.  Spent yesterday (Friday) painting a dresser (long story that I will save for when I show you the before and after product…but first, what is your vote–butter cream or white?), and washing every piece of dirty cloth in my bedroom.  Got in bed Thursday night and grossed out over the dirty sheet smell (they weren’t that dirty).  Apparently my smeller has gone back into hyper drive.  Hence the six loads of laundry on Friday.  (Big deal for me…I’m a one-load-per-day kinda gal).  And then we scoured the bathroom.

And, oh, my room smells so nice and fresh now.  I slept much better last night.

And then to church for our one children’s choir rehearsal for our one children’s choir performance the next day.  Lia ‘joined’ choir for the first time.  Oh, so darling.

Got home, Amelie started a fever and a cough. Slept well in spite of both.

Today we had a big church service welcoming our new (FEMALE!) senior pastor.  It’s so nice having Chris back (she used to be our children’s pastor).  Hence the children’s choir (Lia was adorable, my little mommy heart went pitty-pat).

And during this time Devo and I passed Amelie back and forth like pro-football players.  To Sabbath School with him while I rehearsed, to children’s choir with me while he did welcome and announcements, back to him while the choir sang, back to me for the sermon and dedication.  Big reminder why I appreciate being a stay at home mom…there are few things more frustrating than having a bunch of people depending on you and having to make a choice between taking proper care of your child and those outside tasks.  Good reason not to be too involved at church when my husband works there.  🙂

Lia had a pee-pee accident while playing after church.  She never wets her pants at church.  I assume the pew will dry before next Sabbath.  Haha.

On to potluck to welcome Pastor Chris.  Felt like a big cloud of germs with Amelie coughing and feverish.  I’m such a germ-o-phobe.

Ate four platefuls of food.  Because I can.

Were supposed to go to a birthday party this evening for Marni (our friend who we’ve asked to come help with the girls when I’m in labor).  Went to the doctor’s instead.  Amelie had perked up around 6 and all the running around made her start wheezing a little.  She makes a very cute and pitiful Darth Vader.

Diagnosis: croup.  Which is not a lung problem, but more of a swelling in the general throat area.  (I didn’t know that).   Went to fill the prescription for steroids to help the swelling (which will presumably get worse tomorrow before getting better), to find the wait was an hour and a half.  Back to doctor, got one dose in the office.  Got out to the car to have Amelie throw up her dinner and, I assume, her medication.  I’m hoping some of it stayed in.

Now the girlies are sleeping peacefully and I’m hoping to join them soon.  But first I need to go take a long, hot shower.  After being coughed on and sneezed on and wiped on and puked on and drooled on, I need some disinfecting before crawling into my (deliciously clean) bed.

Hopefully tomorrow is slower.


5 thoughts on “Busy and Unusual Weekend

  1. So sorry that Amelie is sick. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I LOVED seeing Lia singing in the choir. It was soo adorable! She looked so grown up. It’s incredible! The kids sounded great! I loved the song too. My heart is full after yesterday’s service. It was amazing! Praise be to God!

  2. My poor baby. I’m glad you got the meds, croup can be scary. She looked like it hurt so bad when she was coughing. Hope mommy got sleep last night! Love you.

  3. Wow! I’ve had days like that too and am always thankful when they draw to a close and I can hopefully rest.

  4. ahh…. the trials and tribulations of motherhood. This is how my week has been. I just posted about it. I am worn out. Sick babies are no fun!!! throw-up everywhere is not my dream come true. but, oh…. I love the little rascals despite it all. 😉 Here’s to a better week ahead! Hoping Amelie feels better soon!!

  5. Poor kiddo. Sure she’s better very soon. My Kiddo was very proud of herself because she didn’t even talk to Lia a whole lot in choir! You really did an amazing job with that special part in the service. I hope your week only gets better and better!

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