Ahead of the game?

We’ve been trying to go to Disneyland for what feels like months. Almost every Monday we make the attempt. Today we decided that despite Amelie’s cough, it was an auspicious day and set forth in good faith.

Well, maybe it wasn’t such an auspicious day.

The parking was unusually and remarkably slow.
Amelie decided that she didn’t feel like sitting in the stroller. So we spent our first 25 minutes at D-land (the first minutes not stuck in traffic, that is) with Amelie standing ‘in the corner’…waiting for her to decide that cheerful obedience is preferred to the corner.
We finally made it to the tram line when the pregnancy hormones hit. Read: Guess who started crying now?

20 minutes later I had finally pulled myself together enough to attempt the tram again.

And then we had a pretty decent time. Tried two new rides. Resisted the delicious but overpriced vegeburgers in tomorrowland in favor of the PBJ waiting for us in the car. (there’s something that went as planned).

Now we’re on the way home with two sleeping girls and the aftertaste of PBJ in our mouths. We didn’t run out of gas before finding a gas station, so despite the day’s challenges, I’m going to consider us ahead of the game and call it quits.


2 thoughts on “Ahead of the game?

  1. WOW. You’re brave to even attempt such a family outing at this stage, I’d say. Good job! Glad you had fun…around and in between the challenges…

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