Long, long, long

It’s been a long long long week.  But it’s not over yet.

Amelie started feeling better.  Better enough to begin an incessant whine of “Mooooommmmmyyyyyyy, Moooooooommmmmmyyyyy, Moooooommmmmmyyyyy”.  (Or, as the case may be,  “Paaaaaappppppiiiiiiieeeeee, Paaaaaaapppppppiiiiieeee, Paaaaappppiiiiiieeeee.”)

I’d like to compare it to water drip torture.

In other words, by the end of yesterday, we were both out of our minds.

Today was better.  Mostly.  Today it was coupled with “Up, please!” and immediately, “get down”.  And immediately, “Up, please!”.  And immediately, “get down”.

My muscles are complaining.

They are also complaining because I decided to re-rearrange the room formerly known as the “music room”.  It is now the “afternoon room”, as it is the most delightful room in the house in the afternoon.  But moving books and shoving furniture around probably isn’t the smartest thing at this point.  Something that eventually dawned on me.  So I called in the handsome calvary. Handsome calvary was strong and obliging.

But now I’m paying for my folly.

But it’s worth it.  The room looks so much better now.  Harmonious.  Welcoming.

I think this was a whine post.  So sorry.  I trust you will find this to be aberrant behavior.  I will take my whine off to a hot shower and try to muster up some energetic peppiness for tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Long, long, long

  1. Hey, we all make mistakes. Those of us who are so excited to have enough energy to finally DO stuff. Then we discover our bodies simply rebel. Take it easy! Come visit and hold the baby if it’ll help!

  2. We all deserve a good whine from time to time. I’ve been known to rearrange a room without help and be in great pain after too. Crazy nesting hormones!!

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