Serious Thoughts for a Saturday Night

  1. Ever notice how things seem to be going good, all under control…and then suddenly one day you wake up and realize that they’re NOT?  And then you wonder, how long have I been slipping down the slope, only noticing when things got to this point?  In other words, I’ve caught myself being very ME oriented in my parenting.  Again.  Don’t do that because it bothers ME.  Don’t do that because it inconveniences ME.  Good grief, I’d hoped I’d grown past that.  Nothing like motherhood to beat some selflessness into ya…if you let it.
  2. Still on the mommy rant, what is it with people who reject things because it makes them look like a mom?  Just read a blog post where the mom doesn’t want a minivan because it will make her look like…a mom.  <gasp>  For heavens sake, if you prefer bulkier, roomier SUVs, then just say so.  If you like to wear stylish clothes, then don’t say that dowdy clothes are “mommy clothes”, just wear what you like.  You’ll still be a mom, right?  I get miffed with the prevailing stereotypes of being a mommy.  And rejecting the title of mommy because you don’t like the stereotypes.
  3. I’m thinking seriously of the leftover German pancake in my fridge.  Would that count as a high-protein, before bed snack?
  4. I’d like to spend tomorrow morning in the garden.  But I notice that there are a number of things out of place in the house.  Enough to be completely out of control by tomorrow evening if not attended to.  Garden or house?  Garden or house?  Does this constitute a moral decision?
  5. Back to #2, I’d just like to say that my husband’s dream car is a minivan.  Has been for years.  This is one of the millions of things I love about him.

3 thoughts on “Serious Thoughts for a Saturday Night

  1. I love mini vans…I really enjoyed mine when I had it. It’s the best vehicle for smaller children. Once they get older like mine, it’s ok not to have one.

  2. I am guilty of #1. Specifically at 4 am after 2 hour apart feedings when I had nothing left and he was crying…so he went to daddy and supplement. Bad mommy. And I’m only 3 weeks into it. Don’t judge, please. This is a lot harder than it looked. I am appeasing my guilty mind with the fact that the doc told us to supplement, and now we are supposed to be “weaning” off of it…can’t go from 0 to 60 in one day, right???

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