The Perfect House

Well, we found it.  The Perfect House.  In the Perfect Place.  With the Perfect Yard.

And it meets all of my requirements. With the addition of my two newest requirements…that the house be one level and that it be in a quiet quiet quiet neighborhood.  Preferably country-ish.

It’s on a huge, empty lot…over a half acre.  With a long paved driveway, lined with palm trees.  It says it’s a three bed, two bath house.  But that is not true.  There are three beds and two baths to the right of the family/living area.  But to the left is a large bedroom (without a closet…probably supposed to be an office), and they’ve completely closed in, drywalled and carpeted the three car garage.  So it’s a five bedroom house. With a large indoor laundry room.

It’s practically brand new.  Looks like there has been maybe one family living there for a short time.  Enough wear and tear for the appliances to look less than gleaming, but not enough to take away the ‘new house’ feel.

The kitchen is huge.  Beautiful countertops, many cupboards, two sinks, a long island down the middle.  And it’s right in the middle between the large family room and the large dining room.  This does not include the large ‘formal’ living area that you come into through the front door.

There is a jacuzzi tub in the master bath.  Marble-ish tile through alot of the house.

Ugly carpet where there is carpet, and the paint choices of the former tenants isn’t quite my personal style, and I wish that the back yard was deeper instead of sloping up a hill after the patio.  But hey, I can live with that.

The only problem is that it is going for $60K more than we can ‘spend’.

In my more optimistic moments, I regard this as but a small fly in the ointment.

But really, we are probably just dreaming.  First we tried to figure out how to squeeze several hundred dollars more out of our monthly budget.  Then we considered inviting my parents to come live on the left side of the house for the price of $60,000.  And then we fell into the deliciously hopeful despair of finding something perfect that will most likely never be ours.

So we drove by it again, to see if it was still all we remembered.

And it was.

I’m actually remarkably optimistic.  Not that we will get to buy it, oh no.  But I had begun to think that maybe our perfect house didn’t exist.  That the slight and niggling pre-buyers remorse I had felt about all the other houses we seriously considered was going to be a standard response.

But now I know that at least one Perfect (for us) House exists.  So maybe there’s another one out there somewhere.


One thought on “The Perfect House

  1. the perfect house is out there. God has it waiting for you. Just as He had your current home ready and waiting for you at just the right time. Just keep looking and make offers and then wait to see what He will do.

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