Sunday we went to our friends Maggie and Bob’s house.  Their newly renovated house (that they did all the work on themselves).  We’ve been trying to go for about four months, since they moved out of their fifth wheeler and back into the house.  Devo gets all the credit for setting it up.  We had a fun time seeing the ‘new’ house and getting the whole story, and Lia and Amelie had fun playing with Erin.

Got home in the late afternoon.  Too late to nap, too tired to sit down and stay awake.  So we cleaned the garage.  We had cleaned it only a few months ago (a much longer and more arduous ordeal)…but with all my nesting and cleaning, etc., a number of things had found their way out to the garage for temporary storage.  I am very very proud of the load we took to donate to community services.  It filled the whole back of the explorer.  Now THAT’S what I call decluttering!

Devo got all the baby paraphanalia down from the garage rafters.  The moses basket, the swing, the carseat, the co-sleeper.  I washed all the covers and wiped down all the surfaces.  Lia and Amelie have been having a riot using all of the baby’s stuff.  The dolls and stuffed animals get to swing and be pulled around the house in the carseat.  I’m wishing I could figure out how to disconnect the music on the swing.  It was designed for first babies, not for babies who have older siblings who like to push buttons.

Monday was supposed to be an easy, at home day.  (Compared with last Monday, almost anything would count as an easy day).  Devo seems to have spent most of the day working on getting all the details of our home loan sorted out.  Including tracking down a copy of our missing 2007 income tax return.  (How can it just disappear?  I’m sure there is a logical explanation one of us will remember one day.)

The girls and I spent most of the day in the garden.  I’ve been ignoring it because I don’t want to put in a summer crop only to move.  I missed out on last summer’s crop after doing all the work, and I don’t want to go through that disappointment again.  But we’re planning on putting the birth pool right next to the sliding door overlooking the backyard, and I don’t want to float through labor looking at weeds.  I’d rather look at pansies. They have such friendly faces.

So we went shopping for pansies.  But they didn’t have what I was looking for.  (Lots of large pansies in one color…a color I like).  So we got cosmos instead.  Of course, all of my cosmos died last year.  No matter where I planted it.  But I’m stepping out in faith.  If they’re still alive when Devo’s parents come to visit in June, I’m going to ask his mom to wave her Magic Cosmos Wand over them.  She grows magnificent, beautiful cosmos in her African garden.

I did get pansies, too (or maybe they’re violas).  Small yellow ones to go in the caticorner…something I can also see from the window.

So the girls played and I weeded.  I’ve got MOST of the unsightly large weeds out.  Plan to get the others out and plant seeds (my seeds never grow, but I have an unused collection….might as well try again) in the bare spots.  It’s been warm…almost to the 80s this week…hence all the gardening.

But hours of weeding (after weeks of no-weeding) produces sore muscles, so I was especially glad for yoga Monday night.

And then the nice yoga class was topped off with a SURPRISE BABY SHOWER by my yoga friends!  It was so sweet.  They decorated and brought food and gifts and it was so much fun.  Imagine that.  Devo brought the girls to enjoy it.  They came a little early and were peeking through the window, looking like two smiling flowers.  They got some gifts at the shower, too, so they were supremely happy. What a nice, nice, nice surprise. Heart warming.

Today Lia learned how to buckle her carseat all by herself.  She’s been able to buckle the top for a long time, but the three-piece main buckle is quite tricky.  But she’s got it now.  And it’s worth waiting the extra three minutes for her to do it herself.  Part of me is sad that she’s so big she can do it by herself…but the rest of me is glad, because she’s moving to the middle seat when we put in the third carseat, and leaning over to buckle her would have been a pain.

Lia and I were supposed to have our semi-annual haircuts today.  But my hairstylist called and postponed to tomorrow.  I was horribly disappointed.  It takes so long for me to get up my courage to call, and then we play phone tag for a week, and then she never has appointments until the  next week.  So I’d been through all of that and was only two hours away from BEAUTY and GRACE when she called to postpone.  Bummer.

Finally got the HypnoBirthing book.  Finished reading it today.  On one hasty read-through, this is what it seems to be:

Relaxation techniques

Pain ignoring techniques (they call it something different, I forget what)

Slow Breathing for the thinning and opening phase of labor (0-10cm).  Breathe in to a fast count of 20 and then out to the same.

Birth Breathing instead of pushing.  Fast intake with a slow downward-aimed breath.

And some birth companion stuff.

Sounds plausible.  It really really does.  I’m going to listen to the CD tonight and start practicing my relaxation techniques.  What I’m going to need to practice most is translating what I formerly labeled as ‘pain’ into ‘tightening’ and ‘pressure’.


One thought on “Catch-Up

  1. I really hope the pain-ignoring tactics work for you! Birthing in a pool outside among flowers does sound more romantic than in a hospital. But how do you manage to weed at 34 weeks?? Amazing. I can barely bend over to pick something up off the floor at 27 weeks. Pathetic, I know.

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