Some Thoughts

1.  We watched My Best Friend’s Wedding last night.  I am now older than Julia Roberts was supposed to be in the movie.  This is really really weird.

2.  I bought beautiful yellow buffalo check throw pillows (the first throw pillows I’ve ever had, not being brave enough in previous years to deal with children dislodging said pillows).  I bought them in spite of the fact that all my walls are yellow…and not a yellow that matches the pillows.  But I chose the pillows, I did not choose the paint.  Someday I will live in a house where I DO choose the paint.  And then my pillows will look beautiful.

3.  I have been faithfully practicing my hypnobirthing relaxation techniques.  I am now very very good at being relaxed.   Luckily I have begun having lots of braxton-hicks to practice on.  Instead of buying the extra CD, I  recorded the directions myself.  I have a very soothing voice.

4.  From the front, I don’t look like I’m growing.  But from the side I do.  I’ve been having a hard time keeping my lower belly warm.  The pants won’t stay up and the shirt won’t stay down.  Natural airconditioning.

5.  When I washed everything in my bedroom the other week, I also washed the supposedly washable new down pillows.  Twice.  And dried them for a jillion hours.  And they STILL smelled like wet bird.  So I donated them to somebody who is hopefully less olfactorily gifted than I.  Got four beautiful new -polyester- pillows (big ones that make the bed look pretty, for the first time since we got married) for $6 a piece at JC Penneys this weekend.  Now we are very fluffy and puffy.  But we smell good.

6.  I’ve only got a quarter of the garden left to weed.  Between the absence of many tall and unsightly weeds and the presence of many surprise spring flowers, it’s looking very pretty.  I am gratified to find that a bunch of stuff I tore out last year has reappeared.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts

  1. How does it feel to be nearly 36 weeks along?? You’re almost there! You’ll do great! Can’t wait to see little Levi/Noah!

  2. Look at you being all industrious and stuff. My Kiddo has requested a playdate with your sweet girls. Let me know when you have time.

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