I don’t know when the last time this happened was (maybe nine months ago?), but I’m the first one up this morning.  Not that it’s a great accomplishment…I got up past 7am…we had a late night last night.  But I’ve got a doctor’s appointment this morning, purposefully early, and thought it behooved me to arrive on time.

I’m getting tested for Beta Strep today.  And the nurse practitioner said that she was also going to do a pelvic exam and check for effacement and dilation.  But I think I’m going to refuse.  After all, I’m only 36 weeks tomorrow…still a ways away.  And hearing that I’m dilated or effaced always sends me into swithers and dithers of psychological unrest.  And who wants someone poking around in there unless you have to?

Last appointment I asked the NP to see if she could tell which way the baby was positioned.  She told me that she couldn’t, because there was no ultrasound machine in the room.  She doesn’t know how to feel with her hands and figure it out.  I left feeling oh, so sorry for her and all others like her.  Imagine having a job caring for pregnant women and never feeling the babies!  How terrible!

And it’s not like it’s that hard.  You feel the hard head down near the pubic bone (usually), follow a smooth back up one side or the other, to a round squishy-hard bottom.  And then on the other side are the wiggling arms and legs.

I’m sorry for the resounding silence recently.  Sometimes real life happens.  And sometimes I happen…which is what happened this week.  Hopefully I’ve returned now.


2 thoughts on “Doctors

  1. Sometimes you… Good luck on passing your “test” today. 🙂 I have to say though- I sure am glad I got checked at my36 wee appt – not sure I would have been ready otherwise! We fly to Anchorage tonight -I am a little nervous about the flight.

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