Swithers and Dithers

I had a rather dismal ob check up this morning.  I was spilling a little sugar AND a little protein in my urine.  (In some ways, this relieves me.  I never really believed that the nurses took a good look at the little stick.)  So they ordered a urinalysis.

And then I was measuring 2 cm less than I ‘should be’.  That would be 34 cm instead of 36.  Could be, she said, that the baby is dropping, but she ordered an ultrasound to check the baby’s size. (And he WAS lower than usual…usually his bottom is way up in my sternum, but this morning it was down an inch or two).

They thought Lia was small too.

So much for no swithers and dithers of psychological unrest.  I’ve been reading all this hypnobirthing stuff about how the absence of fear allows your body to relax and the relaxation lessens the pain/discomfort.  And I’ve been thinking, yeah yeah yeah.  I’m not feeling any fear, and even my slight remaining apprehension about how things will go has been melting into plain curiousity.

But, sitting there being lectured in the hospital, I had some tremors of fear and I was AMAZED at what an instant physical reaction it brought.  Tension, shallow breathing, the works!  And nothing was really wrong!

So I got my blood drawn, and peed in the cup AGAIN (thank goodness for an overactive pregnant bladder), and went this afternoon for the ultrasound.

The urinalysis was perfect.  No sugar, no protein.

The CBC showed that I’m slightly anemic.  (I should have known…I love crunching ice recently.)  So I bumped up my herbal iron a bit.

The good that came out of all of this is that it inspired me to clean the house.  We’ve both been feeling that the baby isn’t coming for weeks and weeks.  Not that I have much mothering instinct in that matter (Devo probably doesn’t have much, either, come to think of it), but it’s been the general sensation.  But it was enough impetus to clean the bathrooms, finish up the laundry, empty the fridge of the three-week-old leftovers, and mop the floors.  Because, some babies DO come early.

But I still don’t think this one will.  And we’ll have to clean the house a number of times until he does.

I took Lia with me to the ultrasound this afternoon.  She was so cute and precious, it almost killed me.

Anyhow, Baby is right on target.  6 and a half pounds, according to the machine.  (Not that it’s accurate, but it does provide some peace of mind).  Estimate Due Date according to today is two days before my due date (April 24).  Everything is good, good, good.

And FAT.  My baby is FAT.  He already has these big, fat, bubble cheeks.  And a squished face.  A fat squished face.  Maybe we’ll call him Bubbles.  Haha.  I have pictures, but I can’t get the scanner to work.  Bummer, I’m eager to show off these fat cheeks.  They are oh, so cute.

Well, I’m off to finish my ultra-protein smoothie, snuggle up with my sweet husband, think about a hot shower, and listen to my Birth Affirmations.

Tomorrow is Amelie’s 2nd Birthday…strawberry shortcake, here we come!  (The dessert, not the cartoon.)


5 thoughts on “Swithers and Dithers

  1. My sweet darling daughter, I am so sorry I was unable to talk with you when you called today – we were right in the middle of awards – it rained the whole mile run, but sunny for the awards – so we moved kids out from under the canopy to dry off in the sun. The rest of the day was non-stop. Jeff slid into a power pole on way home – roads really wet/slippery – he’s ok, went home and checked on him. So, by the time I could call, it was too late, bed time. I tried all day to get a free moment. So as soon as I got home came to read your blog to check on you. Then really upset I didn’t get to talk with you! Glad things turned out well, but am sorry for the anxious hours. Another butterball, hey!! Talk with you tomorrow – and if you are available, yes, Lia, let’s skype!!!! Love you!

  2. Baby will come when he comes. I had an ultrasound two days before Travis was born and they said I would probably be late. Two days later he was born two weeks early. He too was a little chunk. Weighed 7 lb. 11 oz being early and was 25 pounds on his 1st b-day. I’m sure he will love that I am sharing this (haha) Everything will go the way it should…..no worries.

  3. Ha ha…yep, some certainly come early, don’t they? 🙂 I’m sorry that it wasn’t a blissfully reassuring doctors appointment. At least it sounds like they didn’t check you, right? When do you transition between seeing your midwife and the nurse practitioner? Benjamin weighed in at 7 lbs, 13 oz yesterday!! WAHOO!! No more checks until his 2 month appointment…which is only 3 weeks away! Can’t believe it. More to tell you, but I am going to quite babbling on your blog now…

  4. It is a worrying time just before they arrive but keep up with the hypnobirthing it really works and makes so much difference. Have a read of these lovely stories about hypnosis for birth to give you some confidence.
    Good luck.

  5. So glad that everything is fine with the baby boy. And, Happy Birthday to Amelie! I can’t believe that she is 2 already. She is adorable! God bless her.

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