36 Weeks and Counting

Devo found the magic formula for making our four and half year old printer scan.  Turn it all off, computer included, turn it all back on…scan one picture.  So I scanned two in one go.  Here he is, our little Easter chickadee, at 36 weeks, minus one day.

You’re looking at his face straight on.  The white line in the middle is his nose.  You can’t see his left eye (on the right) or his forehead, because it is black.  You can, however, see his right eye, the very fat cheek right below it, and a shoulder below that.


Seeing these pictures reminded me of how weird it is to “meet” the new baby you love so well.  It took me several days to feel acquainted with Lia’s face.  With Amelie I felt acquainted with her face instantaneously, but it took quite a while to get used to her body.  It was different from Lia’s (which is what I was used to seeing).  People don’t talk about that much, I don’t know if it seems contrary to motherliness, but it’s true.  🙂

Me at 36 weeks

And here I am, self-portrait as usual, per Laura’s request.  36 weeks, plus one day.  In the beautiful summery dress my mom bought me when I was pregnant with Lia and which I am always so glad to get out and wear at THE END.

Starting last week, my body has been gearing up for…THE END.  And I’m not refering to the aching varicose veins.  (Those had better LEAVE when the baby is born.)  But lots and lots and lots of Braxton-Hicks (“practice labor”).  And, I’m pretty sure that baby has decided to drop over the last few days.  I can breathe much easier now, with his bottom not stuck in my sternum.  Now that he has all that extra room on top, though, he loves to poke his feet into my ribs.

Karen is supposed to bring the birthing stuff to this week’s appointment.  The pool, the chux, the clamps for the umbilical cord.

Lia and Amelie are just sooooo darling about “Baby Brother”.  They poke him and hug him and leave wet kisses on my stomach.  And Amelie is always very careful to pull down my shirt and ‘put baby away’ when she’s done loving him. She will be running through the house and will stop in front of me, asking to ‘kiss baby budder’ before she continues on her way.

For a long time Lia wouldn’t touch my stomach to feel the baby move.  But she WOULD sit on my lap and laugh as he kicked her.  Now she loves to feel the hiccups and kicks.  Yesterday in church, we sat together and watched my stomach jumping around during the sermon and laughed together.  Quietly, of course.  It’s so much fun to share this with her.

Almost every day, Lia asks, “Is it April yet?”  The last few days I’ve begun explaining more thoroughly how the baby can come ANY DAY in April.  Not necessarily just because it’s April.  She can’t wait to turn the calendar to the picture of the kitten leaping through the air.  Then it really will be April.

The hypnobirthing cd talks several times about “the two of you” meeting the baby.  But I always think how it’s going to be the FOUR of us getting to experience this baby’s birth and meeting him together.


One thought on “36 Weeks and Counting

  1. Thanks for the visual! You are lookin’ good. I guess it’s my turn to smile for the camera. 😦 I LOVE how your girls are loving their brother before he’s even born. So cute. Peter points to my tummy and says ‘baby Ezra’ or ‘baby brother’ when prompted. It’s cute. But he’s not gone so far as to kiss my belly…;p That’s sweet.

    I still can’t figure out those ultrasound pictures…that’s an eye? a shoulder?? Amazing. I’m sure you will adore the face as soon as you see him.

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