Yesterday (Sunday)

It’s been a long, busy day.  As it was only 4pm and too early to eat dinner, Devo took the girls on a short errand while I flopped on the couch with my feet up.  Well, I ended up drooling on the new pillow as I took an (obviously needed) catnap, and it’s now hour and a half later and they’re still not home.

So I’m just chillin’.  (Did I just say that?)  And thinking about how hungry I am.

Today we went to Joann’s and bought the red toile I’ve been desiring with my whole heart.  Then we came home and I covered the cushion of the cute bench we inherited from the Tyners.  And it’s sooooo darling.  Now I just need to paint the bench black and it will be perfect.

And then I rearranged the living room.  Again.  In search of beauty, not just function.  Devo, my knight in shining armor, put up the big ledge we had taken down when we moved in.  (That’s when I thought we’d find the yellow paint to cover up the long stripe of white on the wall…but we never did.)

So now things are in places I never thought I’d want them and somehow, finally, it works.  Our living room is pretty.  Cozy.  And functional.  I’m so pleased.  I walk through it just to admire my handiwork.


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