37 Weeks

Tomorrow is the big milestone…37 weeks.  We plan on celebrating by putting the baby carseat in the car.  I will officially be eligible for a home birth.

I will officially be able to say that the baby can come “any day now”.  Any day over the next five weeks, that is.

There are only a few more things on the “must do” list:

Take pictures of the girls with their “baby brother”.  (Tonight we got at least a little video of them kissing him goodnight).  And therefore pictures of me, in all my round glory.

Fix the hot water spigot in the laundry room.  When trying the hose for the birthing pool out today, we discovered that the faucet leaks badly.  Didn’t know because we don’t use hot water to wash clothes.  The idea of heating water on the stove to fill the pool is not appealing.  Although, our hot water heater puts out so little hot water, we’d probably end up using the stove anyhow.

Grandpa Jim left today, so that’s all taken care of. (Pictures later!)

Buy orange juice for an after-birth picker upper.

Buy a frozen cheesecake.  I’ve decided that I want the birthday cake to be cheesecake, not a baked cake.

Air out the plastic liner for the tub.  Karen says it smells strongly like…plastic.

And THEN we’ll be officially ready.  Tomorrow marks the day when I don’t leave dishes in the sink, and I always pick up before going to bed, and I always always get plenty of sleep.

Tomorrow also marks the day when I enter that funny end-of-time waiting period.  This is something I’ve never quite figured out…how to balance being ready and still being involved and invested in life.

How did YOU do it?  Did your babies take you by surprise?  Did labor just happen naturally and organically with little or no anxious anticipation on your part?  Did everything come to a standstill as you waited for the first pang?

Somebody please tell me I’m not the only one who finds these last days rather…unpredictable.


7 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. They are SO unpredictable!! Or maybe I should say I wanted them to be. I had to wait until 41 weeks to see Peter…and I spent the time walking around and around and around the block. Some jumping and running too. Finally, my patience wore thin and out came the castor oil (day before scheduled induction). So I guess I didn’t quite wait for Mother Nature as intended.

  2. Sometimes a waterheater can get revived if it is drained and all the mineral deposits cleaned out. That has happened multiple times to my family. Also, it’s worth noting that it is much easier said than done, because there isn’t a very big hole to let them out and sometimes the chunks get pretty big. This is especially true for gas hot water. Electric is a bit easier, I’m told.

  3. Well, you know how well I did at waiting! Or should I say, how well Benjamin did not wait! Sunday of week 36 (or maybe it was day one of week 37?) was spent finishing grad school applications, putting the car seat in, and packing the bag. Then water broke first thing Monday morning! Good thing I was able to get to the post office to mail said application in early labor… 🙂 The house was clean simply because it was (and still is) on the market. Anyhow. I admire how methodical you are about it all! If you need something to take your mind off of it, we can always talk!

  4. awesome!! Well, like you, I always have everything ready. But, as in my case, my babies are always late. And annoyingly so. I was scheduled for induction on both my babies. #1 was 8 days late. #2 was 2 weeks late! 2 long weeks. I had groceries all ready. Menus planned for my absence for DD, schedule all laid out for MIL, I was ready! But baby was not. My parents came the week of due date and poked my tummy for a week and nothing happened. They ate all the food in my cupboards and I had to go shopping all over again. And still NO BABY! After I was a week late I began in earnest. Someone said a whole pineapple eaten fresh would make me go in to labor. I did it. but only succeeded in a canker sore. ha! I walked for MILES on the tredmill. But by the end of the week I was soooo sore I could barely move. I bounced all around the porch with my daughter. I climbed a small mountain. I did every thing but castor oil. Maybe if I go for round 3 I will try that. HA! Hang on and baby will be here soon! 🙂 Have fun waiting!! 😉

  5. My mom walked all around the LA zoo and had me the next day. She drank a bunch of castor oil with my sister and that did the trick.

    Do you tend to “drop” well before labor?

  6. Just goes to show that babies don’t come until they’re ready. Today while napping I thought of a really good reason to celebrate babies coming late (other than the obvious reason of them getting to their full development)…but it got lost in a fog of sleep.

    This is the first time I’ve dropped this early. (And he’s not REALLY far down there, just much farther than before, haha). I named Lia and Amelie “Bob” at the end, because they would come up and go down, come up and go down.

  7. Still have a long way to go before baby is considered late. But at least you know that curb walking will do the trick to induce labor. Worked wonderfully with Lia when nothing else would. Anything to prevent being induced! Happy waiting!

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