Milestones, sleep, and indigestion

Today’s big milestone: we moved the high chair into the garage.  Amelie is now a big enough girl to eat while sitting (or kneeling) in a chair.  Her choice.  <sniff>

Otherwise, other big news in my life is that I finally slept well last night for the first time in awhile.  Of course, the girls chose last night to wake up three or four times (unusual).  But my loving husband got up and soothed them back to sleep, leaving me to my deliciously normal dreams.

And then this afternoon I took a nap.

So this evening, being a bit scared that all this good sleep would rob me of tonight’s sleep, I went to yoga and then came home and dragged the whole family out for a walk.  I was imagining that the girls would nod off in the stroller.  But no.  After striding waddling up and down the biggest hill in the area, I think I’m ready for a good night’s sleep.  And if I don’t sleep well, at least I can assure myself that it wasn’t my fault.

Now for my nightly ovaltine protein soymilk banana peanut butter smoothie.  Not only is it packed with protein, it seems to quell indigestion as well.  Toast does not.  Neither does potato salad.  Remind me not to do that one again.


One thought on “Milestones, sleep, and indigestion

  1. hope you slept well! it was great to skype with you all. Glad you got your walk in too! Love you, pregnant mommy! Amelie is getting to be such a big girl. Will be interesting to see if she regresses or flows into the (younger) older sister role.

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