Pregnancy Pictures

Today Lia took my pregnancy pictures.  She’s quite a photographer, huh?  Even considering the camera was on a tripod.  There’s one more thing checked off the list.  If I remain pregnant for a few more days, I want to try again, this time with Devo both in the pictures and taking the pictures of the girls.  And next time we won’t try and get Amelie to look happy immediately after waking up from a nap.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Pictures

  1. you can still sit on the ground????? you are so amazing! and beautiful…and lucky and oooo I can’t wait to see little Noah Cooper!

  2. Beautiful! Lia is such an amazing photographer. And the photo of Amelie is precious. Snuggling makes a really nice pic. Thanks for posting pics!

  3. Maybe we should encourage Lia to become a still photographer. Could be flexible hours, creativity involved, maybe even National Geographic and go on adventurous trips! What do you think?

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