Tick, tick, tick

Oh, rats.  When I was signing in to wordpress, I saw who got kicked off Dancing With the Stars.  Yes, don’t think less of me, but I’m hooked.  Devo and I have been watching the show, albeit a day late (we watch on the internet), and have become … I hesitate to say addicted.  I prefer to think, interested.  Or maybe close to devoted.  Anyhow, we were going to watch yesterday’s eliminations tonight, and now I know who was eliminated.

At least I think it was a good choice.  🙂

I haven’t watched a TV show in so long, it really distresses me to find myself actually DISCUSSING the ins and outs of the show with other people.  Like it’s real or something.  Hahaha.

Well, I thought that today was The Day.  Not for any specific reason.  But because it seemed like a good day.  But, being that there are only three more hours to the day and I haven’t felt a twinge, I’m thinking that today is NOT The Day.  There’s always tomorrow.

But maybe today is the day we will put in an offer for a house and have it accepted.  One of our early favorites (right next to Sam and Shelley) has come down from about $60K over our budget to only $10K over our budget.  Went by it (on my evening walk, pat pat pat) and took some pictures.  Ivette will fax in the offer tonight.  And then we’ll wait.  The story of my life at the moment.

So time ticks on.  Tick, tick, tick.


2 thoughts on “Tick, tick, tick

  1. sorry. Waiting is hard. Just make sure you don’t get depressed and stay up late – then go to bed and boom! Keep rested at all times!

    good luck on the house. Sounds great! Go Ivette!

  2. Leilani – I LOVE Dancing with the Stars!!! I think we need to watch it together sometime 🙂 what’s not to love? I only wish I was “star” enough to have an opportunity to learn to dance like that! Everytime we watch it, I tell Clark that our little girls WILL be dancers 🙂

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