Feng Shui, Labor, and Faure’s Requiem

Maybe the feng shui in my house is holding up the labor energy.  I noticed yesterday that the top of the fridge has quite a collection: makings of granola (just needs the wet ingredients and an hour and a half in the oven), a candelabra with only half the candles, various and sundry plastic containers tossed up recklessly, two boxes of icecream cones, dark chocolate turtles, an abandoned half-eaten See’s candy box, and a pink dancing hippo.  Pink dancing hippo needs to be re-gifted…it’s abominably cute, but hearing “Hot Stuff” over and over again gets really old really fast.  Anybody want a pink hippo?

And there is a box of stuff sitting in the laundry room waiting to be mailed to Guam.  Contents include my Mom’s birthday gift (her birthday was in October).

And while we’re at it, maybe it’s the drawer of hairties and make-up in the bathroom that is the problem.  Hahahaha.

I am slowly but surely exorcising Faure’s Requiem from my internal playlist.  During my <cough> labor (or, as Karen T. put it so sweetly, the “warm-ups”), I had certain phrases going through my head.  Namely, “O Domine, Jesu Christe, O Domine, libera anima…”  And a hint from “Libera me, Domine”.  Which, when I thought about it turned out to be really funny and fitting…  the translation for these phrases are, respectively, “O God, Jesus Christ, O God, liberate the soul…” and “Liberate me, God.”  Hahaha.

Today I’ve moved on to the last movement of the Requiem, “In paradisum” (in paradise).  Which I think it a little premature on the part of my psyche.


One thought on “Feng Shui, Labor, and Faure’s Requiem

  1. You’ve turned up the cynical — I’ve laughed a lot over these last two posts. I’m sure that when you pass on the dancing hippo, eat the chocolates (and maybe the ice cream cones), and finish that batch of granola, labor will kick into HIGH GEAR!! Leave the candelabra and the plastic containers…not critical. But be sure to eat the chocolate…

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