Guess Who’s Here?!?

first sunbath

There’s a little sun-bunny keeping me company this morning.

Our beautiful, perfect baby boy (no name yet, we’re working on it!) was born Tuesday morning, 1:58am.  Here at home.

8 pounds even.  21 inches long.

Details will be forth-coming as time allows.

Devo has pics on facebook…I’ll try to link to my facebook, or you can add him as a friend.



11 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Here?!?

  1. Congratulations! He is precious…..Now you will get to enjoy having a little boy in the family. Can’t wait to hear his name!

  2. I’m so glad you wait is over and he has arrived safely. Isn’t a homebirth wonderful?
    I was blessed to have one with my second, a daughter, who just turned 1 two days ago.

  3. Congratulations! have been reading your blog for some time, love your two little girls and so happy that you have a boy now. I delivered my son 3 months ago, joy joy joy everyday. we are now practising elimination communication/natural infant hygiene – wish we had done it from birth but 3 months is pretty good too! Good luck with the newborn!

  4. So awesome to be able to “be there” via skype. Such a wonderful, calm, peaceful birth. Loved watching Lia and Amelie during the labor and the birth. Awesome! We are very proud of the Kritzinger family! Each one worked hard to make it a wonderful experience. Great pictures Lia! Amelie’s frequent kisses were so sweet. And Devo, awesome husband as always!!

  5. he’s so cute!!!! name him Noah! 😉 awww….. i want another one. L!OL!! just kidding for now. hehe. two is a lot at the moment.
    oh, he is so precious!! looking forward to hearing all bout it!

  6. Yeah, things are always rougher until they hit that 18 mo mark (or so). But definitely think hard about number 3! (Maybe the next one will be a Noah….)

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