Maternity Leave

My maternity leave ends in two days.  Tuesday morning I’ve got to be up and at it, ready for two full days of work, without even the usual reprieve of Devo’s company at lunch time.  (He has two days of in-house staff retreat…at least they decided not to go away over night this time).


I’m just not quite ready.

But, then again, when are you ever ready?

I’ve been slowly re-entering life.  Started by just thinking about it. Worked on making lists and mapping out what I’d like our days to look like when naps for Mommy cease to be mandatory.

Went to yoga on Thursday.  Now, that was a trip.  You know how you go to a regular meeting that doesn’t seem to be impacted by what is happening in the rest of your life?  And the meetings themselves develop their own little continuum separate from everything else?  Well, it’s like that with yoga.  So it was really…weird…to go to yoga pregnant one day, and then the “next day” be NOT pregnant.

For one, everything was much easier.  Even in my weakened state, not having to heft the belly around makes everything feel light and airy.  For two, I missed the presence of my little baby.  It’s funny how his presence prenatally is exactly what I find him to be now.  And for three, I hadn’t realized how extensively I had used my yoga practice as labor preparation.  It was weird doing yoga just for…me.

The yoga was the only exercise I’ve had in two weeks.  I think part of the slothfullness I’m feeling is coming from a lack of exercise, as well as a lack of sleep.  Time to start walking again.  But that takes courage.

Things that really need to be done this week (on top of meals, laundry, and basic cleaning) include a grand swap-a-roo of winter and summer clothes for the girls and maternity and big clothes for me.  Amelie will only wear pretty dresses, so that rules out most of the wardrobe that’s currently in-closet.  🙂


One thought on “Maternity Leave

  1. I’m so sorry I’m not there to help out. It’s hard being so far away! “I can do all things thro God who strengthens me!” Repeat after me!

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