Day 1

I’ve made it through 7 hours of my first day.  Only another 5 to go.

Maybe I DO have the endurance to run marathons.  I should think about it again.

We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo today.  More for the sake of giving Mommy some forward motion than anything else.  We made our own papel cortado‘s.  The Mexican Wedding Cakes are in the oven.  And we’re having burrito stacks for dinner.  With fresh salsa.  Oh, what I wouldn’t do for some good, fresh guacamole right about now.

We’ve also been to the library for storytime.  And to the track for a walk and a romp through the sprinkler puddles.

And we ate at home for lunch.

Stars on my chart!!!!

And, lest I seem too super-mom-ish for having an infant that is only 2 weeks old today, I’d like to confess that I’ve been snappish and have very little tolerance for anything other than exact obedience.


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