Ready for a House

I’m ready to buy a house.  A house without carpets.  A house where I can see everything from the kitchen.

Now, do I need to be less picky?  Less above-my-station?


3 thoughts on “Ready for a House

  1. YEAH! House without carpets. I’d tear mine out today if I had the time, energy to pick out some tile. Prob#1 – The kitchen etc. would have to come out also as that tile is old, couldn’t be matched, whatever. #2 – Maybe when we get back from this trip. #3 – I’m not sure Gpa is ready for such a drastic change. Of course HE doesn’t do the vacuuming etc. I get out a measureabale amount of heavy (looks like cement) every time I vacuum. That surely can’t be healthful. (to say nothing of 3 cats). #4 – if we don’t do something with this yard SOON, etc.

    And, we were wondering how your house-hunting was progressing. Seems you have been a bit pre-occupied recently.

    MUCH love to each of you, Grandma

  2. Carpets are BAAAAAD. Concrete is worse. 😉 You should get what you want. After all, you’ve been pregnant three times.

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