Can’t Keep Up the Pace

Yesterday was remarkably low key.  Biggest excitements were a trip to Jose’s for lunch (a successful outing, I might add) and a nap.  For all of us.

Spent the evening swimming at the house where Devo’s meetings were.

Some thoughts:

It was so nice to see Janeen (who is also making the transition to Life with Three).  To know (even though we didn’t talk about it) that there is someone else who is probably feeling just a little over the edge on occasion.  Solidarity is wonderful.  🙂

Not so keen on people who I feel are looking at me with pity.  As though having young children and an infant is something to be pitied and looked down upon.  I personally look at people with young children with admiration and wonder.  Especially those people with like four or five children hanging out of their shopping carts.  I treat them almost like celebrities, looking at them out of the corner of my eye, enthralled and amazed, and trying not to appear like I’m staring.  Hahaha.  What we have are three wonderful gifts and we are glad to spend our time monitoring, chasing, feeding, and yes, even changing the diapers.  So there.  Take that, pitying people.

Today is wonderfully low-key.  Spent some time cleaning house this morning.  Amazing what a clean house does for dissipating those feelings of chaos.  (And when the bathrooms get cleaned tomorrow, and the laundry caught up, then we’ll really be rockin’.)  And we’re all happy to have Devo around again.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


3 thoughts on “Can’t Keep Up the Pace

  1. You are already getting back in the groove of things. Wow! An evening of swimming sounds so nice. 🙂 Oh, what I would give for a clean house right now…

  2. Wow, you are amazing! I don’t ever pity you, I wish I was younger and could re-do things more like you. You are an inspiration.

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