I need sunshine.  In my house.  Both this house and my last house have dark living rooms.  It’s like living in a cave.  It’s amazing how much better I feel just going into my bedroom, which is filled with light.  And sunlight makes for such nice pictures, without a flash.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Yes, I love the size of your place. It’s very comfortable, but the contractors should have thought of more light in that area. You will be in your new home soon!!

  2. As much as I love sunshine I never invited it into my home until 38 days ago. I have no explanation other than for the past six years, one month and 21 days I was miserable. I was depressed and I was working in a “Dead Zone.” I went every morning to a tin shed filled with awful toxins of negativity and mean people. I’d leave when my shift was over and arrive in my darkened Elvis-like home. I never raised my blinds or even peaked outside to see if the sun was even shining. As you can imagine after that long of a time what this does to one soul. Why am I telling you this? 38 days ago I was kicked to the curb on April Fools Day .. it’s no joke, I finally was free of that horrible company. Exactly 37 days ago, I woke up in awe. I felt like a fairy exploring a whole new world. And I raised my blinds. I opened up my windows and I let the sun shine on in. Everyday since…. same routine. First thing out of bed, I go to the windows and open them up and it’s a wonderful wonderful feeling.

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