Friday Round Up

  • I don’t know how my family puts up with me.  I drive myself batty.  Luckily they seem more able to deal with me than I am.  (It was just one of those days.  Can’t wait to try again tomorrow.)
  • Went for our first walk this evening.  Think part of the above battiness comes from lack of exercise.  It only took me five tries to get everyone in the stroller and not crying….and even at that, Levi went in the sling, not the stroller.  Five tries, and 45 minutes.  By that time it was too dark to go far (and past everyone’s bedtimes), so we paraded up and down the street.  Perseverance…that’s what it’s all about now.
  • Ever wonder what your neighbors think of you?  (That is, what they hear coming over the fence).  I do, and it’s not a pleasant thought.
  • I am seriously thinking of employing bribery for the first time in my parenting career.  Someone was telling me about their adventures in Puppy Training School (namely, treats), and I was wondering if some of the same techniques would work with my children.  Is this a parental cop-out?  Do I care?  Time will tell…
  • Lia was most disappointed that L’il Kim was sent home on Dancing With the Stars this week.  At lunch out a few weeks ago, I shamelessly eavesdropped on two ‘mature’ women discussing Ty and how he’s ‘so strong’ and watched them swoon over their Mimi’s muffins.  He’s totally still in the competition because of all the white ladies who love him.
  • Went house hunting again today.  I’m beginning to feel that we’re just wasting Ivette’s time.  After 102 houses (no, I don’t know how many we’ve looked at, but it’s alot), she knows pretty much what we like.  I think I’ll tell her that we should only go looking if she thinks it’s something we’d want.  The good news is that the Blackberry house is looking possible…we’re the only offer (at $50K less than the asking price)…and they’re thinking about it.  Hmmmmm….
  • My little fat burrito is waking up now.  Tonight I promise to wake up fully when he fusses and make him wake ALL THE WAY up and eat alot.  I think we’ll get more sleep that way.

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