Terms of Endearment

Today is the second day that life has NOT stopped.  The first week after Levi was born, I really enjoyed just sitting on the couch staring off into space or staring at my tiny baby or staring at my dancing daughters.  The second week I just sat there like a bump on a log because I didn’t really have the energy to do anything else.  But then the couch became a Black Hole of Nothingness.  My biggest goal now is to avoid the Black Hole of Nothingness and move onwards! forwards! upwards!

Yesterday we went to San Diego for a wedding.  Two hours in the car per trip.  We had the fun of playing “I spy” and our first family attempt at “I’m going on an airplane”.  Even Amelie could play!  Fun times.

Levi slept all the way down and was very good all the way back up (after three or four initial stops to try and get that little belly as full as possible).  Of course, then he was awake until late.  But that did mean that I got to sleep almost three consecutive hours.

I have decided that I will not sleep in anymore.  I’ve found myself pretending to be awake when Devo tiptoes in, as though having my eyes open makes me less of a loser.  If I’m tired, I’ll take a nap.  Naps seem less loser-like at the moment.  Naps also help bypass the Black Hole of Nothingness.

Karen comes tomorrow for a check up and I’m eager to see how much my little fat burrito weighs.  His two week follow-up pediatrician appointment was postponed another two weeks due to Swine Flu.  I know he had regained his birth weight before a week, so how much will he weigh tomorrow?

I’m having a hard time coming up with a term of endearment for my little boy that I really like.  I tried “Little Man” for a while, but then Lia picked it up and I decided I didn’t like it that much anymore.  🙂  So far I’ve tried:

Little Man, Baby Boy, Sweet Pea, Little Burrito (this is actually my favorite, but I don’t know if I want my little girls calling their brother a Little Burrito), Chubs (ditto)…

Any suggestions?  We are not a Honey, Sweetie Pie, or Precious kind of family.  I personally use Honey when I’m trying not to lose my temper.  Unfortunately, everyone knows that about me.  So much for trying to be nice.

Lia was Monkey.  Amelie was Moose (at this stage, at least) and Sunshine.  Devo is My Love.

I actually like the pronunciation of Levi Aaron in Afrikaans: Lee-uh-fee Ah-ah-roan.  Lee-uh-fee.  It’s kind of like Liefie (which is like “lovey” in Afrikaans).

Well, I’d better go plan tomorrow so that we can avoid the Black Hole of Nothingness by sheer determination.  I notice that tomorrow is Limerick Day.  Lia hasn’t really truly caught on to the idea of rhyming, but we can at least try out some limericks and learn some.


3 thoughts on “Terms of Endearment

  1. Hurray! The first “long” trip was a success!! Sleep, even if it took several tank stops before the big snooze, is wonderful. And to be up late is way better than crying for 2 hours! A huge success!

    Being tired, sleeping, hello! Not getting much sleep when you are breast feeding!! Please be kind and patient with my daughter!!! Time for “burrito” to learn to sleep thro the night?!?!?!?!?! He’s still a new baby. That tummy gets hungry fast! Hang in there! Love you!

  2. How about mongoose? That’s what I call Curt. 🙂 That way you have three “m’s”.

    Love you!

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