Colic Descends

At least, I think it’s colic.  Or maybe it’s just the regular Evening Grumpies.  Or maybe the fiendish gods of motherhood are snickering because they’ve found a way to make already interminable days…more interminable.

It’s time like this that I wish that the TV was down in the living room, where (a) I don’t have to climb the stairs (b) I can hear the little girls as they go to sleep (c) where it is 15 degrees cooler.  I also wish, at times like this, that I had cable.  Or remote-controlled internet surfing.  Or voice-activated blogging.

But I have none of that.  So here I sit, for the brief moment that this particular position works, with a baby on his tummy on my knees.

Let me tell you sometime about what it’s like to try and read bedtime stories to these three. Raucous is a word that comes to mind.


5 thoughts on “Colic Descends

  1. Voice-activated blogging — fantastic idea. I’ll most likely be up at random nightly hours soon as well…trying to balance a baby and type at the same time. 🙂

  2. Have you ever tries gripe water? It works so much better than mylecon! Plus its natural. You can find it at drugstores.

  3. In the long ago and very far away, about 4 every afternoon, my daddy used to lie down on a cot, put me on his tummy and cover us with a blanket. My little toes would quite literally tear at his abdominal hair – until I finally ‘got warm’ and would fall asleep. Now realize that he was working in an evangelistic series in Cour ‘d Alene ID (not far from Spokane WA. They were living in a tent and it was in the middle of the summer.

    Bedtime Stories – seems that putting children to bed is like throwing the dead on the prophets bones. As an energizer, ‘speed’ can’t hold a candle! Maralyn and I had all kinds of ‘tricks and games’ for our entertainment – especially on Friday night when the folks were exhausted and we were exhillerated. (can’t spell it, but ‘wired’, will do!) When Dad would shout, “GIRLS!!”, we would finally smother our giggles – or else!

  4. No, I haven’t. If I could just figure out if this was really colic, I’d sure be willing to give it a try! Actually, I heard from someone with lots of colic experience that the only thing that finally worked for her daughter (18 yo this year! wow!) was to dip a toothpick in peppermint extract and then swish it in the bottle. The peppermint relaxes the bowels, apparently, but too much of it can be very very bad for the baby (hence the toothpick).

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