Baby Update, Week 3

So on Tuesday, Levi’s 3 Week birthday (or would it be a weekiversary?), we weighed him.

10 pounds, 6 oz.  That’s about a two and a half pound weight gain in three weeks, not including the initial birth weight loss.

Yes, I’m feeding him cream.

And lots of it.

Last week he began responding to smiles with a smile (vs. just smiling when he felt like it) and trying to “talk”.  Oh, those baby coos!  They are just so hard to catch on video…they come and go so unexpectedly and quickly!

This week he’s begun to lose his hair.  I am very very sad.  He had such a nice, even hair covering.  My first child who wasn’t born with a mullet.  (I didn’t have the guts to cut Lia’s hair, but I clipped Amelie’s mullet off when she was about four months old.  All the rest of their hair fell out, but not the mullet.)

Within two days he’s lost almost all of the hair on top of his head.  Which I think is abominably fast.

On the other hand, I’m hoping that he just as quickly loses the hair on the sides of his head so that he can resume looking like a baby instead of a middle-aged man (complete with pot-belly).  He actually looks remarkably like the man in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who got his hair cut by Prof. Potts.  (Anybody know what I’m talking about?  I looked for a picture, but couldn’t find one.)

Lia continues to love and adore “Baby”.  (Hazards of not naming your child in utero…older siblings take longer to adapt to the real name).  They are very happy cuddling together.  It is just sweet to see how she truly does love him, from deep within her little heart.

I had explained to Lia, prior to Levi’s birth, that babies “talk” without using words.  So for every little sound (and big sound) he makes, there is a voice asking, “What’s he saying, Mommy?”  Which can be really cute most of the time.  But at those times when he’s screaming and I’m scrambling to soothe him, I wish she could translate for herself.  🙂

Someone commented to me that there are no pictures of Amelie with Levi…suggesting that she isn’t very interested in the baby.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  It was sometime in his first few days where I caught her soothing him, “Dere, dere.  Amelie’s here.”  I’d love to get a video of that…or her announcements that “Baby Brudder’s cwying!”

The problem is that she only holds him for a little while.  And during that little while, I’m anxiously trying to save the little baby from being squeezed and smooshed by his sister’s exuberant love.  No extra hands to grab a camera.  Need to tag team with Devo on this.

Levi has a hard time looking at Amelie…she’s so fast and wiggly.  I had forgotten how Lia moved too fast for newborn Amelie to focus on her.

Last night the baby was grumpy again so he and I took a nice bath together.  He loves to swim in the bathtub.  He was probably in there about 20 minutes and happy as a … fish… before Devo came to get him out.  The swimming wore him out…he went right to sleep.

Devo must have that magic touch because tonight Levi is calm and quiet.  The two nights I had him to myself, he was fussy and miserable.  Tonight, Devo had him and he’s happy as can be.  Course, Devo has that affect on me, too…  hahaha


2 thoughts on “Baby Update, Week 3

  1. I can see the love in the photo’s on Lia’s face and her body language. And the photo’s of Amelie with Lea show much caring. Counting the days to when I can spoil them!

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