Amelie the Conversationalist

I’ve had these lists jotted down on my white board for … forever … so bear with me through one more funny…

Amelie has become quite the conversationalist over the last month or so.  She’s become so chatty that we’ve had to begin teaching Lia to wait for her turn to talk.  Before Amelie would just chat/babble in general and it was fine for Lia to talk over her, but now Amelie is a conversationalist in her own right and gets her own time to talk while everyone is listening.

We know she’s wanting everyone’s attention while she tells her story when she begins her conversations with,

“So, Pop…”  (Or, “So, Mom…”)

It’s especially interesting to see what comes out of her mouth when she begins with , “Sometimes…”

But my current favorite only began a week or two ago when she began to finish all her sentences with, “I fink”.  Like, “Tabia’s are red, I fink.”  (Translation: Strawberries are red, I think.)


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