Levi, 1 Month

Levi is one month old tomorrow.  Can you believe it?  How time flies when you’re not in your last month of pregnancy!

He had his first appointment with the doctor (they postponed his two week because of the swine flu).  11 pounds.  22 inches.  That’s three pounds in four weeks.  Actually, three pounds in three weeks.

I tell him, “If you keep eating, you’re going to keep growing!” In some ways I’m kind of sad that he’s growing so fast.  But, then again, his fat legs and his round round frog belly are just so cute.

He really enjoyed his trip to the doctor.  He was awake and very alert.  There were so many things to look at and he got to be NAKED (he loves being naked) and lay on crinkly paper and wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Almost all of his hair has fallen out now.  All that is left is…a mullet.  Figures.

But now that he has a matching hair style with his older sisters (when they were babies, that is), it makes me see even more how much Levi looks like Lia.  Especially today in the doctor’s office when he was so bright eyed.  Looks just like Lia.


3 thoughts on “Levi, 1 Month

  1. Hmmm…3 lbs in 3 weeks…I have him beat! I can gain 3 lbs in 3 days!

    I want to see you! I miss you…I think a trip to Leilaniville is in order…assuming you want company. 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome Debbie!!!!! Um, after mid-July, that is. Parents and grandparents are coming throughout June and July and we’d have no room. Are you serious about coming out? With Abby, of course, you daren’t show up without Abby.

  3. I am very serious…it couldn’t be a long visit…but I could take a long weekend and come out to visit! I think there is a long weekend in September. We have to talk more about it.

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