The S Words

Amelie has a most charming lisp.  (Our friend Sara, speech therapist, assures us that 2 year olds are not expected to properly pronounce their s’s.  But being that I lisped until enrolled in speech therapy, I’m not really expecting it to go away).

Maybe the lisp is why she leaves the s’s off of all her S words. Sometimes we have to stop and think twice about what she’s saying.  Here are some of her words:

pill (spill)

poon (spoon)

no-man (snowman)

tars (stars)

tuck (stuck)

troller (stroller)

not (snot) – “I’ve got ‘not, Mommy”

nake (snake) – Devo’s been working with her on this one so now it’s sssss—-nake.  Or thhhhhh—–nake.

My personal favorites seem to come during bedtime.  The girls were acting up after we put them to bed one night and I went in to administer some knowledge to the seat of their understandings.  Lia, being on the edge of the bed, got her swat first.  Amelie apparently thought she was being left out because the little voice pipes up, “‘Pank me, too, Mommy!”

One afternoon before Levi was born, Amelie and I napped together while Devo and Lia were out.  When Devo got home he asked Amelie what she did while he was gone and she said, “I ‘nuggled with Mommy.”

Nuggle.  Isn’t that nice?


3 thoughts on “The S Words

  1. Lia is doing something called “consonant cluster reduction” – very common 🙂 Notice all the words that she’s leaving the /s/ sounds out of are consonant clusters i.e. /s/ paired with another consonant… /st/, /sp/, /sn/ Kids are also not expected to perfect consonant clusters until much later 🙂

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