Crafting the Ideal Mother

So, what do you think about kids and crafting?

I’ve always been a bit leery.  I mean, come on, how much useless junk can you have around the house post-craft?  At least make something useful!

But I realize that my perspective is skewed by my personality and also, apparently, my oldest daughter’s personality.  Lia’s just never been that interested in crafts.  (Amelie’s not showing a strong interest, either.)

But Good Moms are supposed to do crafts with their preschool children!  Glue beans to paper!  Put together foam thingys!  Haul coloring books everywhere!

Well, in an effort to be a Good Mom today, we did a crafty thing.  We made potato prints.  (Cut a potato in half, make some sort of raised design on the cut half, dip in paint, stamp on paper).  I actually had a lot of fun stamping with my potato.  So much fun, I’m thinking of perhaps maybe making Christmas wrapping paper with potato prints.  (Don’t hold me to this, please, it was just a thought…not even a resolution.)

The girls, however, had much more fun slathering the paint on their hands and legs…it seems to soak in like lotion.  Luckily I had the presence of mind to take off their clothes first.  Luckily we were outside on the back patio.  Luckily it was a warm day.  Luckily they like playing with the hose.

And I am slightly affirmed in my original and abiding crafting question…is all the fuss to set up and clean the craft equal to the end result?  If the end result is 7 and a half minutes of playing with what took me 25 minutes to clean up afterwards…no probably not.

Next time I’ll forgo the paper and the potato and just slather the children with paint and let them make paint angels on the patio.

Or we’ll stick to science experiments.  Those seem more worthwhile.


6 thoughts on “Crafting the Ideal Mother

  1. Hmmm…well being that I am an ex preschool teacher I am a firm believer in crafts for kids.

    I am not sure a qualification for being a good mom is gluing beans on paper though….LOL

    ART teaches…for example mix blue paint and red paint and get purple. I usually followed my painting projects up with some nice shaving cream play. Do it on the back porch on a table that can be hosed down…painted children smear shaving cream everywhere and then you hose off everything. Children are no longer painted AND your back patio has a refreshing manly scent. Maybe you could try that when you are missing Devo?

    I have not really done to much messy ART with Abby yet either though…as its MESSY! Ack! What I did do was an experiment with what floats and what sinks in a bucket in my kitchen.

    I then went to the bathroom and looked in my toilet to discover my amazing little baby had played her own version of sink or float and that our plastic Easter eggs float…my hair brush sinks! Ah motherhood!

  2. I’ve thought that too. I don’t know if I want to do crafty things because of the mess is makes, time it takes, and space to store the stuff. I grew up without doing very many crafty things and don’t feel deprived.

  3. LOL!!! I know what you mean!! 7 minutes of craft, to 30 minutes of mess cleanup. BLAH! However, it is fun for them, and I think I will do your plan for next time and have it all outside, with a hose handy. LOL!! Good scheme. 😉

  4. Laura and I tried that once (way too early). We used vanilla pudding dyed with a little food coloring. It didn’t stain too badly and washed away pretty easily and if necessary was tolerably tasty 🙂

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