Um, there’s something in the freezer

Opened the freezer the other day and noticed an unidentified ziplock-bagged blue package in the door.  Thought it might be more maternity pads.

It was a placenta.  Frozen.  Forgotten.

Not exactly ewwww.  I like blood and guts too much to be grossed out.  But it was definitely a little…unsettling.  How can you forget that there is a placenta in your freezer?

It’s gone now.

Hazards of home birth.


3 thoughts on “Um, there’s something in the freezer

  1. Um Gross Leilani…now here is a question I never thought I’d need to ask…but why did you freeze your placenta? And it’s a very good thing you don’t eat meat or else you might have mistaken it for….oh no…it’s to terrible to even mention! I and my dinner are “unsettled”. ROFL I love you! Seriously though why did you freeze it in the first place? I may be sorry I asked…but have a need to know!

  2. It was frozen so that it wouldn’t start to smell before trash day. Some people plant theirs under a tree…but that was a little too much for me. You can also make tempra paint prints with it. Or some people leave it attached for a few days. I like to look at it post-birth, but then I’m all for chucking it.

  3. I may never paint again! So much for my tip to add dishsoap to the paints to make them easier to wash out of stuff should it get on certian small people get it on their clothing.

    Good thing to freeze it rather than smell it. I knew you’d have a good reason!

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