There is a Time for Everything

I’ve got my living room almost completely set up for the new regime, now.  My goal was to streamline and consolidate.  Read: have the whole mess in one place.  I wanted to shut the door to the bedrooms after showers and dressing and not open them up (other than for the potty) until bedtime.  Because everytime I open that door, a whole section of the house gets messy within 20 seconds.  I don’t mind mess when we’re using the mess, but I despise unneeded mess.

So, I ended up making a list of all the things I/we use and do during the course of a day.  Read, play the piano, change diapers, draw, toys, TV, computer, etc.  And I moved it all into the living room.  First I moved the couch so that I can see straight through the living room from the kitchen door.  Then we moved the TV down, the child-size table and chairs with a shelf for paper and drawing utensils, the toy box, made a basket for the week’s worth of home and library books, moved the computer into the dining room, and the baby swing next to the computer.  Now I just need to rearrange the pictures on the wall.  Looks very haphazard at the moment.

When maternity leave finished, I started sketching out all the activities for the day on a piece of paper the night before.  Now we’re getting proficient enough that I can do it mentally.  We have implemented this basic schedule:

Mornings are Work Time.  Breakfast, laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.

After lunch is cleaned up we have Quiet Time.  (Which I keep calling Nap Time…is that a Freudian slip?)  We haven’t managed more than about 15 minutes of true Quiet Time, but I’m hoping to expand minute by minute.  In fact, Quiet Time is currently going on and I’ve stretched it a bit too far, cause it’s getting less and less quiet.

Then Reading Time.  We’ve been going to the library for Story Time on Tuesdays and bringing home books.  Also I’ve been better about getting a stack of books from our (out of reach) bookcase.

Then Singing Time.

Then Random Activity Time–School Time, Yoga Time, Play-Doh Time, Project Time.

Then Dinner.  Then Bed.

Still need to work on figuring out Garden Time (they play out there in the morning, but I haven’t been able to get out there yet).  And Exercise For Mommy Time.  Etc.

Well, better skedaddle.  It’s Reading Time.


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