Summer Plans

The last few days I’ve been enjoying telling my mom on the phone, “Okay, I’ll see you soon, Bye.”  After a year of being apart (travesty!), Mom and Liana with Grandma and Grandpa (not Jesse, sniff) are going to be here on Tuesday morning.  Which means that they are leaving Guam in less than 24 hours.  So while they are in the throes of packing and house cleaning, I’m in the throes of organizing guest bedrooms and house cleaning.

They will be here June 2-16, two weeks.  Then, a week or so later, Devo’s parents will come from South Africa to stay for a glorious month.

Devo and I have lots of plans for taking full advantage of Grandparents.  We anticipate some mornings of sleeping in…together.  Devo is almost convinced to join me at my yoga class while his parents are here to watch the girls.  I’m thinking about going on Dates.  A meal out without herding our flock of duckies along with us.  A conversation without interruptions. Oh, these unknown pleasures!

Lia and Amelie are also making their plans for Grandparents.  They are looking forward to willing audiences for unlimited hours of dancing and singing.  Lia has a list of restaurants and treats she wants to go to–Cheesecake Factory, Jamba Juice, Fruyu.  And, until recently, Jose’s.  Guess that one’s off the list.

It promises to be a nice time.  If we do have to deal with the disadvantage of living so far away from our families, at least they are such wonderful people we enjoy co-habiting with them for weeks at a time.  🙂  In fact, one memorable summer my mom and sister and Devo’s parents all stayed with us in our little two bedroom, one bathroom cottage for a month.  And got along great.  Not everybody can do that, you know.

My family is embarking on a 6 week traveling extravaganza this summer.  They are going from here to Virginia to Wisconsin to the Pacific Northwest.  They have a list of people they want to see that is probably about a mile long.  My mom is going as general Tour Guide and Chauffeur, with Liana as Assistant (although, not an assistant in the chauffering department).  It should be a pretty wild summer for them.

We are kicking off summer already with graduations.  Lia’s first ballet recital is next Sunday (remind me to talk to you about ballet sometime).  We are enjoying what are presumably the last coolish days until November.  Then we have VBS coming up, as well as vacation time with Devo’s parents.  The only bad thing is that the pool here at our little condo community is closed.  Has been closed for the last two (hot) months, and will continue to be closed until the pool man gets over here to replace the drains…supposedly around July 4.  As daily summer swimmers, we are seriously miffed about this and do not hesitate to air our grievances with any and all we meet.


4 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Still packing, or should I say just starting 9:30pm, yikes, was hoping to sleep. liana ended up staying home, she is so tired and just needed some down time. Liz and Edna came over to say bye and give Liana card, so they took Briana home – and perfect timing, signed as witnesses on mom and dad’s new wills! Phew. Check, check, next! See you soon!!!! Excited!!!

  2. Enjoy your Grandparents, Mom and sisters visit. Sorry we will not be able to see them. Counting the days to be with you. Can’t wait to dance with the girls. Have such fond memories dancing with Lia. Amelie, still a baby, crawled her first crawl in our sitting room. Will love to give you alone time with Dewald. Can’t wait to hold our grandson, and to be with you and Dewald.

  3. They’re sorry to miss you, too. They just couldn’t stay that extra week, unfortunately. Maybe next time. Sometime we’ll all come out to South Africa to visit you together. 🙂 Did you realize that you arrive on Father’s Day?

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