Two Glorious Weeks

I would upload so many more pictures if it was a case of click and drag.  🙂

So my family is gone.  Left this morning after a wild two week extravaganza.  Hence my long silence.

They visited people, people visited them, ate good food, went to church, doctor’s appointments, ate good food, stayed up ridiculously late, played hilarious games of Clue, worked on a puzzle, did dishes, bought (and consumed) See’s chocolate, went clothes shopping for me and came back with a new wardrobe for Grandma Ruby, sent Liana off on social visits to her friends, took well over 500 pictures, took naps, went on a date, did more dishes…and basically just had a great time.

And now it’s over.

I lived out my fantasy daydream from the last few months.  You know, the fantasy that I walk out the door free as a bird to go do something (like yoga, or shopping, or out with Devo) and leave my children WITH MY MOTHER.  Ahhhhh, it was glorious.  They had quite a babysitting team, what with my mom and Grandma and Liana.  That’s one per child.

The two weeks were too short <sigh> but I’m buoyed by the thought of three months together later this year.  (Finally got tickets a few weeks ago!  Sabbatical dates are November 4-January 18).

Here is a sampling of the 500 pictures:


5 thoughts on “Two Glorious Weeks

  1. Good to have you back on-line. I love having my family around. Isn’t it glorious? I’m so happy you all get along so well.
    I was reading through your list of books you’ve read. Noticed some of my favorites on there, Love comes softly, Little House on the Prairie, and Baby catchers. Really loved that last one.
    Looking forward to more posts 🙂

  2. So happy that you had a wonderful time. I have been thinking of you! How neat that you get to spend time with them later on this year. Glad you are back! Missed ya, but I knew that you were having a blast!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the book list, Rachel. I was several weeks behind. I’m worried I’ve forgotten some, because five books doesn’t seem like enough for three or four weeks. 🙂 Yes, Baby Catcher is an absolute favorite…Devo and I have even read it together. I’m wondering if you’ve noticed how many times I’ve already read those Janette Oke’s….

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