Bragging is Allowed

Mommy and Levi, 2 months

Today was better, by the way. And to finish off the much-better-than-yesterday-day, the sleeping stars aligned tonight and both girls were asleep by 7:30 on the dot, and Levi is still awake.  Glory.

Levi is now two months old.  As for the terms of endearment dilemma, he remains my ‘little fat burrito’ with the occasional addition of ‘buggy-boo’ and ‘my little son’.  Or there is my mom’s favorite, ‘be-bop’.

Two months old and growing, may I just take some time for bragging? He’s a very good grower.  🙂

You know how when you express milk, sometimes it’s kind of whitish, like it’s watered down?  What does La Leche call it?  Hind milk? Fore milk? Well, with this baby, there is no inferior milk.  It’s all cream.  All the time.

He had a very large and sudden growth spurt last Sunday night.  He woke up so big he didn’t know what to do with himself.  He had been standing on his legs quite strongly, but after that growth spurt, he would try to stand and then his little legs would immediately buckle under the weight.  He was so bewildered.  It was so cute.

Went from 0-3 month clothes to fitting 3-6 comfortably…also over night, which meant that he looked like a stuffed sausage in the 0-3s on Monday while I washed the 3-6’s.  And the diaper problem, oh boy.  I keep buying boxes of diapers and having him outgrow them before we even get a fourth of the way through the box.  At $35-$40 a box, this is breaking the bank.  I do now have a nice collection for our next baby, though, presumably at better prices than I’ll be able to buy them in 2 years.  Lose a little, win a little.

So this week I bypassed the size 4s (which is really what he should be wearing) and went straight for the size 5s…Amelie’s size.

Yes, I have a two month old and a two year old in the same size diapers.

But that’s how it was with Amelie, too.  She basically went straight to 20 pounds and then her growth tapered off.  She was wearing larger diapers at 6 months than Lia wore when she potty trained at almost two and a half.

The best benefit of such big diapers is that it’s almost impossible for poopy to escape up the back.  Woohoo!  This alone makes it worth it to swaddle that fat little tummy almost up to his chest.  🙂

Two months and social.  He learned the fine art of chatting while my family was here.   Grandma Patti, especially, could elicit the best baby chats. He loves to look deep into someone’s eyes and talk and talk and talk.  He also loves to talk to his fists as he chews on them.  I personally believe that he’s cooing words of love to his fingers.

He started laughing at 4 and a half weeks.  I kid you not.

Two months and wiggly.  I just love the wiggle wiggle wiggle stage.  When Lia was this old Devo would call her a “pikkewyn” (pronounced kind of like ‘pukavein’) – which is “penguin” in English – because of those funny straight arm movements.

But most remarkable, is that last Sunday night Levi started sleeping.  Some serious sleeping.  He’s been sleeping EIGHT HOURS AT A TIME all week.

I announce this with a completely deadpan face.  Or deadpan fingers, as the case may be.

I am underplaying my ecstatic excitement.  Don’t want to knock one of those sleeping stars out of alignment.  But this is a very very big deal.  The girls never slept more than two hours.  Ever.  Until we made them cry it out around 15 months.  (Yes, crying it out was the ONLY option at that point).  So, already, I have had more continuous sleep in the last half a week than I did the first year with the first two.  This is remarkable.

And greatly appreciated.

The only hitch is that he’s been going to sleep at 7 and sleeping until about 3am.  Then waking up about every hour to nurse.  But I’VE been going to bed around 11 or 11:30.  So I’m not taking full advantage of these wondrous hours.  Hence the excitement that it’s almost 8pm and he’s still awake.  Maybe I’ll get five hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight.  Ooooh.  (Can I say “ooooh” with a deadpan face?  Is it possible?)

I decided I wanted to get him one of these bouncy chairs…you know, the kind the baby lays on at a slight angle and when they kick, it bounces.  So I went to Community Services on Wednesday, and the very first thing I saw (literally, the very first thing…it was out in the parking lot) was a bouncy chair.  For two (or was it three?) dollars.  Not only does it sport a most nostalgic 90s swirly design, it doesn’t play music.  This is very important.  Whoever designs these things to play music obviously never had more than one child.

He loves his little chair.  He spent a very happy 45 minutes in the garden yesterday while I did my first weeding in 8 weeks.

I love my little baby.  I am so enjoying having a baby in the house.  And he’s such a lucky baby.  The first baby may have all of the parent’s attention, but subsequent babies get more people to love them.  With his increasing social and eye contact skills, the girls have been learning how to refrain from clutching his head in sisterly love and instead stepping back to talk to him.  It’s very darling.

<happy sigh> It’s so good to feel normal again.


2 thoughts on “Bragging is Allowed

  1. Oh how I wish Benjamin and Levi could meet sooner rather than later! Although I’m pretty sure that despite Benjamin’s 8 week advantage…Levi would kick his pants on the growth chart. 🙂 We are now in 3 months and size 2’s! (At 4 months old). Oh well, he is cute and has a nice amount of chubbiness. 🙂 YAY for sleeping!! Such a wonderful thing…

  2. Nursing every hour to catch up?! Sounds pretty rough. I think you should be in bed at 7:30 with the girls! But then, sadly, no time to write long, interesting blog posts like this! Your little man is quite something. Definitely above average! 🙂 Feeding him cream…hmmmm…makes you wonder…

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