Devo’s Parents Arrive

Devo’s parents arrived yesterday from South Africa.  Levi celebrated by sleeping 9 hours.  The girls celebrated by eating Jelly Tots (South African gum drops).  Devo celebrated by eating Aero (another South African candy).  I celebrated by going to bed on time for the first time in almost a month.

Devo’s Mom has a bag like Mary Poppins.  Things keep coming out of it.  The most darling outfits for the kids.  The girls have already worn a number of the outfits–apparently there is no limit to how many times you can get dressed and undressed in a day.  Cute t-shirts (matching FIFA World Cup 2010 – in South Africa – shirts for Devo and Levi).  Books galore, including a huge stack of Afrikaans Kindergarten equivalent books.  Apparently I’m a kindergartener in Afrikaans, because the reading level is right up my alley.

Our hands down favorite gifts (so far, that is), however, are the two pull-along toy dachshund dogs she brought.  See, she has two dachschunds, Tami and Peanuts, and Lia really wanted them to bring the dogs along.  So she did.  They are the most absurdly cute little things, and the girls think that these dogs are their new best friends.

She’s been bringing out the loot a little at a time.  I don’t know how much is left, but the girls have already discovered another set of wrapped gifts tucked in a corner. Ohhh the suspense!

They will be here almost a month and we intend to take it leisurely.  Janeen has lent us her Beast (their suburban) and we are eternally grateful to be able to ride together during their visit.  It has already proven to be a leisurely visit, from my point of view at least.  I got to spend a little time in the garden this afternoon.  I commandeered Devo’s Father’s Day gift and weed whacked the grass in the back yard.  I now have a deeper appreciation for the skills of weed whackers.

Because we won’t be dashing hither and yon at breakneck speed (like while my family was visiting), I anticipate continuing to blog as the weeks pass.

I did apparently jinx Levi’s sleeping by mentioning it here.  Friday night he was restless and up every two hours or less.  Of course, that may have been due to the almost-half of a cabbage I ate the day before.  But there’s no proof of that.


2 thoughts on “Devo’s Parents Arrive

  1. Wonderful! Saartjie, wish we could have seen you a little before flying off. Glad you all are enjoying!!

  2. Tannie Saartjie also use to spoil my sister and me like that when we were little girl. She is really good at it!

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