Morning Lessons and Resolutions

I left my purse in the car last night.  Usually an acceptable practice as we have only one car, so if I’m going shopping (which is the only time I use my purse) the purse is all ready to go.  Well.  I forgot that we currently have TWO cars (thanks Janeen)…so my purse went off to staff meeting this morning with Devo.  Which made it impossible to complete Levi’s birth certificate appointment as I, of course, only realized my situation as I was going out the door (two minutes late)…too late to stop by the church and pick it up.

They weren’t appreciative of my passport and checkbook.

Lesson/Resolution #1.

This experience got me to thinking that maybe it’s finally time that I attempt to place more importance on keeping track of my purse.  <sigh>  And its contents.  <sigh> Particularly the phone.  <sigh>

Which is a good time to make that resolution as my trusty purse that I bought when Lia was a bitty baby has died (the strap broke).  But I’m still carrying it’s remains around and find a strapless purse to be highly inconvenient.

So I need a new purse.  Something hands-free, room for a wallet and a diaper, an outside pocket for a phone, and something that will not swing down and bonk my children on their heads when I lean over…and I’d like it to be pretty.  In other words, a Mommy Purse (plus pretty).  Any ideas/suggestions?

Lesson/Resolution #2.

I noticed something disturbing as I quickly, apologetically explained my purse dilemma to the Birth Certificate Person–I very very often speak quickly and apologetically…as though either what I have to say doesn’t matter and/or I don’t expect the person I’m talking to to find it worthwhile to listen to.

This bugs me.  Big Time.

So, I’m making a new resolution to talk confidently.  I think that what I think and what I have to say Matters.

And I’m going to extend confidence in general humanity and develop an expectation that people will find what I have to say worthwhile to listen to.

So there.


3 thoughts on “Morning Lessons and Resolutions

  1. I think what you think and have to say is very significant. Sorry for the hassle, now another wait for the passport – yikes!!!!

  2. You tell’em Leilani! -referring to Resolution #2

    Good luck with the purse. I know I use a lot of different ones (which annoys the boyfriend, as they are seen as unnecessary), but I’m still verrrry picky about what I buy!

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