New Meal Plan Strategy

The two and a half hours stuck in traffic on our way home from the Aquarium of the Pacific did render up something other than carsickness.  A new meal plan strategy.

We basically eat only a few meals: sandwiches, pasta, and burritos during the summer.  Soup and such in the winter.  We’ve been talking about making Saturday night our official family pizza night (we make a pretty darn good pizza).  And with so many desserts over the last weeks of “special times”, I’m especially anxious to cut it down to one spanking good dessert a week (on Sabbath!) instead of rationing (a practice that is unpleasant for all parties involved).

I usually do a good job of planning meals around what was in season when I shopped.  But rather than at every meal saying blankly, “What should we eat?”, I can just look at the category and pick one of the many variations according to what ingredients I have.  Meal planning has not worked for me in the past because I get to the meal and decide that I don’t feel like whatever the paper says I’m supposed to cook.  Luckily there are so many variations per category, I am sure to find something that will at least suffice.

Happily for me, almost all of our favorite foods are also very easy and quick to make.

Sunday – PASTA – mac & cheese, broccoli and garlic, garlic parmesan, fresh tomato, plain, hamburger helper, garbanzos & noodles, summer squash, thai noodles

Monday – BURRITOS – black bean with cabbage, basic pinto, beans rice and cheese, cheese quesadillas, black bean quesadillas, etc.

Tuesday – SANDWICHES – 11:29, broiled tomato cheese, BLT, lentil patty, hummus, fried egg, egg salad, bagel, chik, chik patty, griller, PBJ, hummus


Thursday – SALAD – taco, haystacks, corn, rice, bulgur, pasta, apple, greek, oriental cabbage, Connie’s cabbage

Friday – SOUP and DESSERT – tomato & basil, tomato, pea, minestrone

Saturday – PIZZA

That means that tomorrow we are having haystacks and Friday we will have pea soup.  Now to think about that dessert….


3 thoughts on “New Meal Plan Strategy

  1. Sorry for the time in traffic, hope you had a great time otherwise! Good luck on the new plan. It’s like housekeeping, trying to find a plan that works and doesn’t make it such an all consuming part of life. Love you!

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